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"They" Are Watching You

Apr 29, 2020

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to watch you, all the time. He promised to build a “contact tracing army” in America that will constantly monitor the location of your cell phone and record everywhere you’ve gone since the start of his surveillance plan. It’s time to fight this now.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has already built a partnership of other governors to join his plan. We saw how quickly governors followed like lemmings as poor judgment and unconstitutional orders spread across the nation.

Congress has already allocated money for it.

And the companies that built 99.2% of the cell phones currently in use are adding tracking technology to their devises in a way that allows the constant, remote monitoring of every person through their phones. The tracking will record how close you get to others and feed into a data base that flags the phones of everyone who has been in a certain area and any location they traveled. The release is expected next month through an app, but these same companies are also building it inside the new phones they are getting ready to sell.

The amount of information this could disclose about you is mind-blowing: who your friends are, how often you leave the house, everywhere you’ve driven, who are in cars nearby, how often you’re in the same room with your spouse, and even how often you go to the restroom. It’s practically endless. And we want to hand all this information to the same government that can’t keep their Obamacare or unemployment websites from constantly crashing under a scant fraction of this information.

What problems could that possibly cause?

Our Founding Fathers personally knew. That’s why they wrote: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches … shall not be violated,” according to the Fourth Amendment.

But Congress is NOT even debating the value of our constitutional freedoms as they drive our nation off a cliff in search of safety.

They have forgotten our Bill of Rights. And now it is up to freedom-loving patriots to dust off our Constitution and remind our leaders that their duty is to safeguard our liberties, not our longevity.

Join me in sending an urgent message to our legislators and governors to stop the surveillance of innocent Americans now.

One of the many pushing for surveillance is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Their Technology Review publication is filled with tracking propaganda. One article states: “This new social order will seem unthinkable to most people in so-called free countries. But any change can quickly become normal if people accept it.” (emphasis added). MIT, Bill Gates, and many government officials are wanting you to “accept it.”

The Editor-in-Chief writes, “The new normal will be that we are used to the idea that in some cases being able to move around freely is dependent on us being able to show that we’re healthy.” He added “There will be a greater acceptance, I think, of that kind of public health monitoring.” (emphasis added)

But Gov. Cuomo doesn’t want you to worry about it because it would be “voluntary” ... until it isn’t. These tyrants are ominously silent on who is doing the volunteering. Is it voluntary if your state’s governor agrees to it, or the cell phone provider, or the network company, or even just a random stranger that walked by you on the sidewalk? Who can voluntarily give away the right to watch your every movement and record that in a searchable, flaggable database that constantly adds your most recent movements?

No politician or tech guru asked you or me if we are willing to give up are God-given, constitutionally guaranteed freedom. Make your voice heard to stop this constant surveillance on innocent Americans.

The truth comes from an unlikely place, a New York ER doctor serving in the Bronx who got COVID-19 himself. He and his family were on the frontlines of this disease in America. He said, “It’s time to ease the lockdown.” On April 7, at 1 PM he said the disease slowed in his community. Now “over 43 percent of those tested are positive in the Bronx. We are developing a significant degree of natural herd immunity.”

Yet, he says out of “fear” that is “overamplified,” people are dying at home from heart attacks, strokes, asthma attacks, and other infections that could be prevented and/or cured if we would end the lockdown.

At Liberty Counsel Action we are working to give you the facts and the truth about what is happening around America. Your support continues our presence on Capitol Hill as a watchman to see these dangers and help our leaders avoid a path that will destroy our freedom. Through your donations, we can shape the future of our great nation together.

I encourage you to join me in prayer for President Trump. He is under attack and under intense pressure right now. Pray that our nation will return to a place "that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.”

In your service,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action.

P.S. We cannot silently hope someone else will restore our freedoms. We the People need to rise up to demand that our God-given liberties enshrined in the Constitution will outlast our generation. Send a fax demanding that legislators and governors stop the unconstitutional surveillance efforts.

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