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Will You Trade Liberty for "Immunity"

May 4, 2020

Do you want to get back to normal? Dr. Anthony Fauci doesn't even have that as one of his goals. Doctor "I-love-Hillary-Clinton-more-than-ever" Fauci was pushing the idea that our nation would "never" get back to normal.

In addition, Dr. Fauci was caught toying with the idea of forcing Americans to present "immunity" papers or documentation to be able to travel. "I think it might actually have some merit under certain circumstances," Fauci said.

Send an urgent fax to say NO "Papers please" in the land of the free. Help me fight against big the growing push to surrender our freedom and privacy to Big Brother and the Tech Giants. - Mat

Unfortunately, concerns about the police asking to see your immunity papers are so last month. This month we have much greater worries.

Kansas City, MO, is demanding that churches and "non-essential" businesses record the name and contact information of anyone who enters the church or business for more than 10 minutes. This information must be kept for 30 days in case the local government wants to track down these people. People are to be denied entrance or service if they refuse to provide this information.

Today, the United Kingdom launched a phone-based surveillance program on the Isle of Wight. Over the objections of surveillance experts, their goal is to track all the movements of at least half of the island's 141,000 residents. "This week we will be piloting new test, track, and trace procedures on the Isle of Wight with a view to having that in place more widely later this month, " said the cabinet minister, Michael Gove, yesterday. This turns the Isle of Wight into an Island of Wrong.

UK's experts claim that 80% of smartphone users "would have to download and use the app for it to have a meaningful effect."

A similar program has already been launched and now forced onto people in China. The following countries have already launched it voluntarily: New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, the United Kingdom, and Israel.

It took India less than four weeks to go from a voluntary launch of the phone-based app to making it a mandatory download to receive food and medicine.

In Israel, shoppers will be required to present an ID and use QR code to track them inside malls so the government can track their every move.

In America, technology experts expect to launch something similar in the next few weeks. Already, thousands of people in multiple states are tracking people by hand and some communities are demanding people sign in to do business in their stores.

We have a very short window to stand up for our freedoms and privacy here in America. What we allow will become our new normal. Only when we stand up and say "Enough!" will the government stop this massive power grab.

Send a fax to politicians to protect your privacy right now.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted a few more vacation days paid by you, the American taxpayers. Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate got back to work today. It's important to get the rest of America back to work, too.

Legislators are trying to restart negotiations on a fourth bailout. Experts on our staff believe that radicals will demand funding in this new bill to pay for surveillance of you and other innocent, healthy Americans. It is critical to block funding for this.

We absolutely cannot be forced to spend our own money through taxes to destroy our constitutional privacy and protections! Our conservative legislators will be pushed to negotiate and compromise ... unless they hear from you.

Demand that politicians protect your privacy today.

Today, our legal team is reading draft legislation and, much like a watchman on the wall, we are working to guard your constitutional freedoms. It is your help that keeps us standing in the gap on behalf of our nation.

Your prayers and donations are 100 percent of what keeps us fighting these battles and alerting freedom-loving patriots to successfully push back these attacks on your liberties.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. We know the United Kingdom just launched a phone app surveillance program on one of their isles today. Their experts said 80% of cellphone users would have to get involved or the program can't work. What happens when "voluntary" surveillance won't work unless more people join? The app started becoming mandatory in India within 3 weeks of its "voluntary" launch. In the next several weeks, we expect a similar "voluntary" launch in America. Contact legislators to oppose digital tracing right now.

Send my fax today. Or if you can't send a fax, we are launching a petition to ask key leaders and legislators to stop spying on Americans.

Finally, if you share our concerns about what is happening, please donate to our organization's work on Capitol Hill to stop this madness.