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Checkpoints and Mandatory Vaccinations...

May 11, 2020

Another country announced it was moving to mandatory participation in their phone app for contact tracing surveillance. There are 16,000 new required check-in points across Singapore. Now is the time for Americans to rise up and block surveillance plans that are springing up across our nation. - Mat

Checkpoints are being re-branded as check-in points. In Singapore, if you want to go work, attend school, shop, travel, buy groceries, or go to the doctor, you must check in with their app. Even before getting a haircut or a taxi, you will need you to check in with your phone.

In addition, Singapore is deploying robots with cameras and voice recordings to remind people to social distance in parks and nature preserves, according to technology reporter Eileen Yu. That's creepy.

You can see a clear picture of how surveillance grew across China, India, and now Singapore. With the stroke of a politician's pen, voluntary contact tracing becomes mandatory surveillance as country, after country falls like dominoes to constant surveillance of their citizens. And something similar, is also happening in Israel.

Back here in America, there are similarly concerning breaches of your privacy. "New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced business owners will be required to keep logs of the names and contact information of patrons who enter their establishments," according to Forbes. This information will be available to government health officials. Other cities and counties across America are trying similar efforts. They want to know every time you walk into a store. Some even want to know how long you spent inside, and every person that was inside the store with you.

Now is the moment to wake up and demand our freedom and privacy be protected in America. Send your fax for freedom to our hand-picked list of politicians before it's too late.

There are governors and mayors across America that are nearly drunk with power, dictating what innocent, free Americans can and cannot do. Some have made it illegal to sit where people are allowed to stand in public parks.

Chicago just launched its own phone contact tracing surveillance app called "Chi COVID Coach." Chicago's Department of Public Health Commissioner Allison Arwady said:

"We are already building our plans to vaccinate the whole city of Chicago and working with others across the region on a major plan for this. We've bought syringes, we've bought cold boxes, we've planned out locations." (emphasis added)

She is working to have this plan spread across the mid-west region and not once does she mention if the vaccine injections will be voluntary or mandatory. In addition, she boasts that they are "making groundbreaking progress in linking electronic health records and testing records."

If you don't want a mandatory vaccine or a mandatory app tracking your every move, make your voice heard now to the leaders we have picked out as the most critical to fighting this now.

Through diligent work on Capitol Hill, our staff found a shocking bill that will spend your tax dollars on contact tracing surveillance. It's called the TRACE Act and the "E" boldly announces that it is for "Everyone." Unnervingly, this bill was assigned bill number HR 6666. No kidding! Stay tuned -- we will tell you more about this bill in the near future.

You are the reason that we can find and fight these attacks on our freedom both here in America and around the world. We rely 100% on your donations to keep our ministry going. Give today to help change the course our nation is on.

Now is the moment that future generations will look back on. We are at a crossroads of our nation to either keep or lose our freedoms. This choice will be made through the prayers and actions of citizens like yourself.

Thank you.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. There is not a moment to waste. States are already tracking a shocking number of people, both sick and healthy. In the next several weeks, we expect new technology to automate this surveillance and to have that be joined by tens of thousands of full-time domestic spies. Now is the time to stop this. Send a fax today. Or if you can't send a fax, sign our petition to ask key leaders and legislators to stop spying on Americans.

Finally, if you share our concerns about what is happening, please donate to our organization's work on Capitol Hill to stop this madness.