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One Hundred Billion Dollars for Surveillance...

May 19, 2020

Radical Democrats in the U.S. House are pushing a bill to spend one hundred billion dollars annually for contact tracing (a.k.a., spying) on "everyone" in America. Help us stop this bill dead in its tracks with your fax to Congress. - Mat

This bill's title boldly proclaims they want to spy on everyone with contact tracing surveillance. They named it the "COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone," or the "TRACE Act."

The one-hundred-billion-dollar price tag only covers one year of expected costs for contact tracing surveillance and other efforts, including salaries and reimbursement of expenses for these domestic spies.

For a shockingly high price tag, the bill is completely vague about its exact goals. The employers and employees receiving this money will have total freedom to decide how they will go about using your money to spy on you.

As a taxpayer, I'm unwilling to sign the check that Congress is drafting. If you are, too, then join me in sending a fax to leaders in Congress to urge them to vote against this bill.

In addition, this bill provides zero accountability to ensure that the grant money will be spent on its intended purpose. No report, no oversight, no feedback even on where the money is spent.

We just saw the disaster and waste caused by a lack of accountability in the first paycheck bailout. We need to act quickly to avoid another disaster during an economically challenging time.

Almost 60 legislators already have cosponsored this two-page bill. Since we began messaging, the lone Republican withdrew his support. It's imperative that we stop this costly legislation now. Make your voice heard on Capitol Hill with our new fax campaign to fight this today.

This bill is channeling a hundred billion dollars to local groups such as high schools, colleges, nonprofit organizations, or "any other type of entity that is determined ... eligible" to do contact tracing surveillance by the Health and Human Services Secretary.

This bill includes zero oversight to even ask that these random groups meddling in your privacy do so in the least invasive way possible. That is not even a stated goal within this bill. Unnervingly, this bill was assigned the House Resolution number "6666" which brings to mind the warning against the mark of the beast in Revelation.

This bill establishes zero privacy standards for the groups receiving its grants to run surveillance on their fellow Americans. Nor does it require that the employees being paid by your tax dollars must respect your constitutional right to privacy. In fact, they are being paid handsomely to invade it.

We must stop this bill now. Make your voice heard in Congress with your fax today to stop wasteful spending on an invasion of your privacy.

Liberty Counsel Action has already had one victory on this bill. When it was first announced, it was a bipartisan bill with newly affiliated Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew (NJ) as a co-sponsor. After we started pointing out the problems in this bill, Rep. Van Drew withdrew his co-sponsorship.

But it still will be challenging because this bill includes a token portion of funding for medical supplies, which will be hard for Republicans to vote against. Your support is the reason LCA can continue our successful work on Capitol Hill. Your donations are what empower us to expose the truth and demand our legislators hold the line and vote against bad legislation.

Please give your best gift today to help the fight against HR 6666.

It is an honor to stand with you and to fight for your constitutional freedoms today.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. We have a very small window to stop this national push for surveillance before it causes permanent damage to our freedom and privacy. Fight it now by sending a fax to the legislators we need to block this bill today.

Your prayers and donations are appreciated now more than ever as we are in the fight of our lives at this moment. God bless you.