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Evil, Hiding in the Dark

May 22, 2020

From innocent people being beaten in nursing homes to the final nail in the coffin of our freedoms and privacy, there is shocking oppression happening across our nation this week.

Apple just announced it has the capability to track everyone with an iPhone through their new operating system. Learn more below, but first help by rising up and fighting against this surveillance today. -Mat

What I just saw churned my stomach—an elderly man in a nursing home being punched in the head and neck repeatedly by a male employee. This thug pauses to adjust the man in bed only to get a better angle at the poor man's face, which he abuses until blood runs down. Then he berates the man with obscenities. The young man kept beating him, treating a human being in their most fragile state as if they were nothing more than an inanimate punching bag.

Seniors are being abused during these lockdowns. So are children. This is not an isolated incident. Fear has caused us to abandon the most vulnerable in our society. Evil is growing in darkness. And justice has been inverted.

  • As the preborn are killed, those praying outside are arrested.
  • As people are shooting guns at others, the police are too busy blocking the entrance to a Chicago parking lot to prevent church.
  • Children and domestic abuse victims have been locked up with their abusers, and
  • All hope for the elderly has been destroyed in their last days as they are imprisoned without the dignity of visitors that even the worst convicted criminals can receive.

It's time to take back our nation. Those in control are abusing their position to isolate, hurt, and to lord their power over every aspect of the lives of Americans who have done nothing wrong.

From the people hired to care for the elderly abusing them, to authoritative doctors demanding lockdowns that do much more harm than good, to politicians taking an oath to protect our constitutional freedoms and then being the very ones to destroy our privacy—those drunk on power are hurting others. Now is the time to push back and demand that Americans be set free from the dictates of those who think they are demigods.

Partner with Liberty Counsel Action to fight the lockdowns that are harming so many. Demand that those in power respect and restore our constitutional freedoms here in America.

We are witnessing the selling of our soul in America in many ways. This week I just saw the launch of something incredibly sinister.

We have moved from watching our phones to our phones watching us. Earlier today, Forbes Magazine announced, "It's here." The most recent update for iPhones made available to the public now includes opt-in tracking and surveillance of the general public. In addition, these phones now can uniquely identify people even when the majority of their face is still covered by a mask (in iOS 13.5).

This not an app you can choose to download, this is built into the iPhone's operating system. It's not something you can remove from your phone, (though at this moment participation is still voluntary in America, but not in some other countries.) This is chilling. I had been warning you that this was coming for weeks. Now it is here. And this is a great concern to freedom-loving Americans.

In addition, the day after Apple made this announcement, 22 countries immediately announced they are already on board to participate in this level of surveillance. As the world waits to see how Americans will react, what will you do?

Now is the moment to let everyone know that we will not tolerate this level of spying. Let everyone on our hand-picked list know that we will not give up our freedoms without a fight. Send your urgent fax now.

North Dakota was one of the first three states to embrace contact tracing surveillance. Yesterday, investigations went public that the state's "Care19 app, which is one of the first contact-tracing apps to debut in the United States, is covertly transmitting location information" to Foursquare, Google, and to a company in Barcelona that tracks program bugs, according to an article on Digital Trends (emphasis added).

This app's privacy policy states the "location data is private to you and is stored securely on ProudCrowd, LLC servers" which won't be "shared with anyone including government entities or third parties, unless you consent." They lied. This demonstrates that technology companies pay the same level of attention to their privacy policies as those who agree to them.

That sounds pretty close to what Apple and Google are promising as well, but Google was already caught on the receiving end of this data, and now they want you to trust them with the whole thing? These companies already keep a log of everywhere you go online. And now they want to track everywhere you go in the real world.

Send an urgent fax now to governors and legislators to rise up and protect our privacy right now.

Liberty Counsel Action wants to give you a way to make your voice heard. We want to make your voice powerful by combining it with freedom-loving patriots all across America to demand freedom.

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I want to thank you for your deep concern about the path our nation is taking right now. Join me in prayer daily for our country.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. There is not a moment to waste. We are losing our rights and freedoms at an alarming rate. If you haven't already, sign our petition to the White House urging them to champion our constitutional rights. Then send a fax to key leaders and legislators to stop spying on Americans.

Big Tech is trying to censor us. If you learned anything from today's message, please forward it to your friends and family to help spread the truth.

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