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Fauci: Pawn or Puppeteer

May 26, 2020

It was on Dr. Fauci's recommendation that President Trump initiated the shutdowns. And it was on Dr. Fauci's recommendation that they continued. But can this man who has had such an influence on our lives actually be trusted? His track record suggests the answer is "no." Sign our petition to President Trump to Fire Fauci today. - Mat

Just days before President Trump was inaugurated, Fauci said, "There is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases."

This is suspicious, given that three years earlier, in 2014, the institution affiliated with Dr. Fauci illegally gave 3.7 million of your tax dollars to the EcoHealth Alliance to study bat coronavirus around the world, with some of that money going directly to the Wuhan Lab and the head scientist, Dr. Shi Zhengli. That amount of money would buy anything and anyone in China.

In addition, President Trump and Americans were looking to Dr. Fauci, and at that moment he pulled death estimates on COVID-19 from the Imperial College London. Their estimated deaths from COVID-19 were 2.2 million people, and even if precautions were taken, like social distancing and isolating the sick, this group still estimated that more than 1 million would die.

These numbers came from the exact same group that published estimates that the bird flu could kill 200 million people. However, only a few hundred people died over a six-year period. This group's estimates were off by about 99.9998%. But that track record didn't stop Fauci from spreading their numbers like wildfire across America.

It's time to hold Dr. Fauci accountable for intentionally using models from groups that were fully discredited as the foundation to manipulate our neighbors into demanding vaccinations and to begin preparations to make them mandatory in America.

Bill Gates spends a lot of money to remake his image into a "philanthropist." However, that label glosses over the fact that Gates doubled his money in nine years from 53 billion dollars up to 106 billion dollars in 2019, and he has done so by leveraging his money in global "healthcare" and Big Pharma.

Bill Gates wants to reduce world population. "When our foundation first started out ... I thought population growth in poor countries is the biggest problem they face. You've got to help mothers who want to limit family size have the tools and education to do that. That's the only thing that really counts."

But make no mistake, Gates is a eugenicist, meaning his ideology is fueled by Social Darwinism - the creation of a "superior race." And this is the person paying for vaccines that are being rushed through trials right now.

In the 1990s, allegations surfaced that the WHO-led doctors were using vaccinations in the Philippines and Kenya that were laced with HCG to essentially develop antibodies that would cause their children to miscarry before he or she was at full term.

At the end of that decade, the fledgling Gates Foundation sent 750 million dollars to the GAVI Alliance to support the "immunization of children in as many as 74 countries." And since then, more than 680 million dollars were sent directly to the World Health Organization (WHO), which is currently defunded under President Trump for shirking their duty regarding COVID-19.

The same month the Imperial College London released their inflated death estimate (in March), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation wrote a large check—nearly 80 million dollars back to that organization.

In addition, the Gates' Foundation also promised 100 million dollars to the institute affiliated with Dr. Fauci himself, and up to double that number if a certain ongoing project is "successful."

And after paying off the people that were stirring up fear, Bill Gates then moved to invest significantly into the companies looking for a vaccination and treatments.

It's time to hold these overlords accountable. It's time to Fire Fauci for dancing on the strings of those wanting to make billions of dollars off of the panic he created. He has no business being in the White House.

Liberty Counsel Action has been closely analyzing the complicated relationships between these organizations and uncovering their goals. We are bringing you the truth and providing you the tools to successfully fight against those wanting to control our world.

We do the leg work so that you can lead in your community and on Capitol Hill with a professional and educated voice. But you are the only reason we can cut through the misinformation. We rely 100 percent on private donations to research in-person on Capitol Hill and provide you with a clear picture so that you can act with confidence.

I want to urge you to not give into fear. While we are living in trying times, know that God does not give us a spirit of fear but of power, of love, and a sound mind. We need to move forward in faith and action.

Join me in prayer for our nation, for wisdom, and for patriots to act today.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. There is growing evidence of misbehavior by Dr. Fauci. He has lost the trust of Americans to be working in our best interest. The President's task force must be reserved for those who are above suspicion and conflicts of interest. Sign our petition to request President Trump fire Fauci now.

If you learned new information, I encourage you to forward our message to your families and friends. Finally, if you share our concerns about what is happening, please donate to our organization's work on Capitol Hill to stop this misconduct.