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Gates and Whistleblower Reveal a Chilling Plan

May 28, 2020

One person just blew the whistle on exactly what contact tracing trainers are prepping thousands of domestic spies to do across America. It's chilling!

They are pushing for repeatedly quarantining healthy people for periods of 14 days. The only way to escape this endless loop is to accept the vaccine being pushed at any given time. They are demanding a live video tour of inside a person’s home and will call social services to take away pets and children if the person doesn’t have an isolated part of his/her home that meets their standards. And none of this is voluntary!

Now is the moment for freedom-loving patriots to push back against massive encroaching tyranny from Bill Gates and a number of governors. All 50 states are doing some form of tracing/spying. In a few clicks you can make the most encroaching governors and legislators hear your voice demanding freedom. It's time to stop subjecting American citizens to search and confinement even if they are not sick. -Mat

A recently trained and certified contact tracer has revealed that as long as someone has not taken a government-approved vaccination, there is no limit to the number of times they can be "exposed" and subsequently quarantined for 14 more days -- including people at work and your place of worship.

Bill Gates just advocated on Friday that we should close the borders to any country "till we get to that full vaccination" level. Even if people in that country have "very good concerns" against vaccinating, he wants to leverage government leaders to demand they fall in line.

In addition, Bill Gates expressed he is willing to have severe adverse reactions (which includes death) from about 750,000 people across the world caused by vaccinating every person. He says he will need the government to help force people who refuse ... and to give those involved in this vaccination complete immunity from any legal liability.

In case you didn't know, Bill Gates' father was a eugenicist and president of Planned Parenthood. And now Bill Gates wants to use the weight of national governments to push entire nations to vaccinate their "full" population, which will put hundreds of billions of dollars in the pockets of vaccine investors (like himself). Gates himself is a Social Darwinist who believes in "evolving" the human race through social engineering and reducing world population by 10 to 15 percent.

Now is the moment to fight back. We are not just fighting for our own personal freedom, but for liberty around the world as America's light of freedom is flickering in the face of political pressures and billionaire funding.

Share your concerns with these governors and politicians before our liberties are completely gone.

The damage that could be caused by this level of contact tracing investigation and surveillance is horrifying. For parents in situations such as a nursing mother, this is a nightmare and could cause permanent trauma to the children ripped (perhaps repeatedly) out of their home when their parent or caregiver might not even have COVID-19. But for anyone that doesn't "voluntarily" comply with what the contact tracer demands, they can face a 2,000-dollar fine—each day. And remember, COVID-19 is just the beginning. There will be NO end in sight if this threat to freedom succeeds.

The domestic spy's phone script states: "If you do not comply with this request for voluntary quarantine, we may use a detention order, enforced by the police, to ensure your compliance."

In addition, some states allow for destroying property, and even putting down animals if there is an "imminent menace to the public health." These laws are not limited to COVID-19. They can be used and applied to any "communicable disease."

It's time to stop this tyranny dead in its tracks. It is critical to flood these politicians' offices with the outcry of honest patriots who will not sit idle while we are stripped of our property, privacy, and liberties today. Act now to flood these governors’ and politicians’ desks with your message to protect freedom.

If you think a requirement to sign a logbook to enter a store is bad, what these surveillance trainers want is far worse.

These contact tracing trainers are praising the "great system" in China and South Korea. These nations (plus India, Singapore, and New Zealand) constantly track everyone's phone mostly through GPS and multiple check-ins every day. The phones are required for entrance to stores, pharmacies, events, or traveling, based on government dictates via the app.

This is not a drill. This is already launched and growing fast across the world and even in our own backyard. Now is the time to rise up against this and demand our leaders stop before this tyranny takes hold of our nation.

I encourage you to help spread the word by forwarding this information to your friends and family. Big Tech is doing its best to bow to China-levels of censorship as LCA is trying to get the truth out and help freedom-loving Americans know what is at stake in today's environment.

Our work can only continue because of your support of our ministry. We are expanding our impact on Capitol Hill and around the nation. And this is 100% because of the donations from our friends and partners who keep our doors open.

I pray that our light will never go out and I thank you in advance for your part in our work today and in the battles we have yet to fight for liberty.

Thank you for your concern as our nation is facing a series of crossroads right now. It's an honor to stand with you at this momentous time.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Now is the moment to remind contact tracing spies and Bill Gates that they do not own America, they cannot steal our freedoms, and we will not silently acquiesce to their plans for our children and our grandchildren. It is up to us to draw the line in the sand to protect our rights and liberties. Send a fax demanding that governors and legislators stop these unconstitutional surveillance efforts.

If you learned anything from our email, please help us spread the truth by forwarding our messages to your friends and family. In addition, we are gathering signatures on our petition to the White House urging them to protect freedom in America.

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