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Will Your Hospital Share Your Data?

Jun 17, 2020

Harvard Business Review released an article yesterday saying a company is on the cusp of releasing a real-time contact tracing app with national capacity. And they could launch in just 2 weeks.

There is massive pressure on hospitals, businesses, and schools to demand an app for protecting them from expensive lawsuits trying to hold them liable for someone contracting COVID at their location. Some are already caving to this pressure.

Our nation is quickly following in the path of communist China, with tracking, spying, and surveillance on Americans. Our political leaders urgently need to step in to protect the freedoms of individuals by rejecting tracking and/or mandatory vaccines. Otherwise, this not-so-voluntary surveillance and vaccinations will be our future in America.

Send a fax to our national leaders to demand that individual freedom and privacy be protected now. -Mat

This real-time tracking app works to "access cloud-based patient records in real-time." The producers say this app can pull personalized medical data from "across nearly 35 health systems" across the nation—without any mention of permission from the patients.

Their app integrates with a "tool that is used by more than 200,000 physicians and other clinicians." In addition, the app would be able to see some level of your location as they can predict which hospital you will go to. It will track the severity of symptoms and the total number of hospital beds available in the area. 

It is not some science fiction idea.

This is an app with an eerie level of knowledge about all of your medical records, your location, your current symptoms, in combination with everyone else in your community—all in real time!

Our legislators and governors urgently need to pass legislation to protect the security and safety of our medical data. There is no time to waste before the medical records of likely millions of people are accessed by this app. However, unless we rise up, the sharing of millions of personal medical files, perhaps even yours, will be the result.

Act now to send a fax to legislators and power-hungry governors to demand protection and privacy for your medical records.

This program is going live as soon as two weeks from now. They are starting with the Geisinger Health System, which has 200 locations across Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The app's creators are already boasting of partnerships with about 1,200 known hospitals, all of which are part of just three networks. The app's creators also say they have partnerships with 30 more networks of hospitals that are mostly unnamed.

Already tons of Florida hospitals in the Advent Health network are gearing up to work with this app. In Indiana alone, there are 108 hospitals that will get involved. A quick glance shows the app already has a partnership with hospitals in North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, and probably many more that "plan to rapidly follow."

In fact, the app's creators boast that the electronic health record platforms that their app can connect to "have already been installed in virtually every physician's office."

The fight to restore medical privacy will get much more difficult after this app goes live. That is why we need to act now. Patriots have a short window to flood the offices of our lawmakers to demand that medical data stays private and our liberties are not infringed. Send a fax right now to urge our lawmakers to protect our data.

There will be pressure from many sources to download this app. One of those sources could be your hospital or pharmacy. Another source could be a local business.

"Businesses fear they could be the target of litigation even if they adhere to safety precautions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention," the Associate Press reported yesterday. Some locations are already demanding that employees and customers sign legal documents before they come into the store.

This sign-in could quickly be replaced by this app. For example, in China, people scan their phone to open the door to a business they want to enter.

Schools are another major source for not-so-voluntary participation. Two universities in the Midwest are already requiring students to complete an online health questionnaire the morning of each day that they plan to be on campus for classes.

Milwaukee Medical School requires students to get permission from the Provost's office to be on campus for classes. This is setting the stage so that this online questionnaire could instantly be replaced with an app in the blink of an eye. And another school has already warned its students that this is a precursor to an app that will be mandatory in the future.

We are facing a situation in which, to receive an education or medical services, you would have to have this app. And we are not far from a situation in which, to buy or sell, you may have to have it, too.

That is exactly what is already happening in China, South Korea, Singapore, and even, for all practical purposes, India. Now is the time to fight. Now is the time to rise up against the freest people in the world becoming enslaved. Tell our state and national leaders that we will not be enslaved through our medical data, by sending a fax today.

I urge you to pray for our nation today. Pray both for the plans on Capitol Hill and in the heavenly places regarding the future of our nation. Pray that we will repent so that our future can be one filled with peace and hope and not forced surveillance, exposed medical data, and vaccines that become mandatory the moment you set foot outside your house.

Liberty Counsel Action wants to partner with you to fight this invasion of your privacy and freedom. We can only continue to uncover these facts for you and our nation's leaders on Capitol Hill through the support of patriots like you. Please support us with your best gift today.

It is my hope that through prayer, repentance, and activism, we can restore the future of our nation as a refuge for freedom.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. There is not a moment to waste. Hospitals are lining up to use this app. Schools are warning their students to accept it, and businesses are fearful of the liability without a system like this app. It is a perfect storm to lose our liberties. Now is the time to stop this. Send my fax today. Or, if you can't send a fax, sign our petition to ask key leaders and legislators to stop spying on Americans.

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