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Alarming News You Won't Hear Elsewhere

Jun 26, 2020

There is a disturbing push across America to further curtail liberty and return states to a shutdown. But the mainstream media doesn't want you to know the truth about potentially imminent mandatory lockdowns.

Did you know states that never shut down have a 72.4% lower death rate per capita? This should spark reporters to ask a long list of questions. But they aren't. They aren't even talking about it. That is just one of the ways the media is complicit in trying to mislead you into surrendering your liberties.

There is mounting pressure for governors and legislators to lock Americans back in their homes again. Now is the time for you to know the truth and use that knowledge to help set fellow Americans free! Send your fax to state and national leaders to demand freedom for all Americans today. - Mat

For some governors, it won't take much of an excuse to return to a full shutdown.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is already threatening to return to a shutdown even though New York City is still only on Phase 1 of reopening. When several restaurants and bars in the state went beyond what he thought was compliant, the governor personally called to warn them that if they did not follow his dictates, he would revoke their liquor licenses.

The media pushes the narrative that, "Shutdowns were necessary." "Shutdowns protected people," and "Shutdowns saved lives."

But in truth, they are completely wrong.

One group that has been tracking the COVID numbers since March, The Sentinel of the Kansas Policy Institute (KPI), found that states that shut down had an 11% higher per capita number of COVID-19 cases.

"There are 6,791 cases per million in the states that were shut down and 6,073 in the other states," KPI reported. That means that people living in states that shut down were 11% MORE likely to be infected by the virus.

But don't expect to hear that message from the mainstream media.

If you want to fight for truth and for freedom, it is up to you to get this message to governors and legislators to demand freedom for people living in America. Send your fax today.


But the shocking revelations don't stop there.

When Dave Trabert, the CEO of KPI, compared the number of reported cases to the number of deaths in each state, he found that states that stayed open had a 72.4% lower average mortality rate than the ones that were on lockdown over the past three months.

That means that if you contract the virus in a state that was shut down, you are shockingly 3x more likely to die than if you live in an open state.

This simple fact pokes a lot of holes in the often-repeated mantra that "shut-downs save lives."

But radical governors and the mainstream media are pushing the idea of a "second wave" of COVID and are gearing up to force Americans into a second wave of shutdowns. They are clearly cherry-picking the statistics being reported to stir up fear and cause Americans to call for a return to being shut down.

Inconveniently for the tyrants, the truth appears to be that shutdowns don't work.

God-fearing patriots need to stand up and call our nation back to liberty! Send a fax today to state and national leaders to demand an end to the shutdowns and the destruction of our freedom!


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem faced heavy national criticism for choosing freedom. But now the numbers are in!

KPI just reported, "The states locked down by the governors also have more deaths per million of population (375 vs. 103), and South Dakota is even lower, at just 88 deaths per million." (emphasis added)

Gov. Noem explained her reasons to choose liberty this way: "Freedom focuses our politics on persuasion and the intellectual strength of our position—not on control, coercion, or the heavy hand of government."

"While freedom alone won't solve all our problems, it does present a better path toward where we want to go," she said. "More freedom, not more government, is the answer."

Kristi Noem gets it, but many governors across our nation just don't. Right now, many government officials still have their states under unjustifiable restrictions. And a growing number of states are under intense pressure to return to shutdowns.

The only way we will regain our freedom is to take it back from the tyrants that tried to subvert our God-given, inalienable liberties enshrined in the Constitution. Make your voice heard with a fax to the most radical, far-left governors and national leaders to demand freedom now.


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Fighting for freedom,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Contrary to what the media wants you to believe, 1) More people spread COVID in states that were shut down, 2) If you got sick in a state that was shut down, you had a higher chance of dying, and 3) More people died (per capita) in states that were shut down than ones that were open.

Let's take these facts to Congress and to the radical governors that are considering going back to shutdowns as the mainstream media again cries "wolf" on issues of national health. Send our fax to Capitol Hill and governors' mansions to demand true liberty.

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