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"Equality Act" Bans Hope for Change

Jun 29, 2020

One of the most powerful messages of hope is that people have the power to make radical changes in their life through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the central message in the Bible. It offers the power of Christ to those burdened by their sin and the suffering caused by it.

But if a professional counselor were to whisper a message of this hope, then under the misnamed "Equality Act" they could face a lawsuit and fines, lose their licenses, and pay legal "damages" which could bankrupt their practice.

Radicals in D.C. are desperately trying silence the truth of Scripture (and anyone that says otherwise doesn't truly understand Christianity). Help us stop this disastrous legislation intent on silencing Christian counselors. -Mat

Fax the Senate today to block this legislation.

To borrow from Orwell's "Animal Farm," the "Equality Act," will make some views and perspectives "more equal than others."

This legislation includes unsubstantiated claims maligning so-called "conversion therapy" (which is not a counseling term but rather a political term). It labels it as "discredited" and "discrimination."

Counseling can simply be a conversation with someone who is struggling with gender confusion or unwanted attractions to their own gender. And this bill will restrict the conversations that professional counselors can have.

However, this bill goes significantly beyond that. It can be applied to pastors, foster and biological parents, teachers, and the list goes on. This bill will outlaw conversations from a biblical perspective on human relationships and will criminalize people of faith.

This legislation will create a nationwide ban of professional and private discussions from a biblical perspective. Christian counselors would have to be silent or even forced to affirm LGBT behavior. This is in direct opposition to their personal beliefs, values, and for some, the experience they have had successfully leaving those behaviors behind in their own life.

Will you help Liberty Counsel Action take a strong stand against this bill? We need a flood of faxes on Capitol Hill to oppose the Senate passing it with a simple voice vote of whoever is on the floor at that moment. Help us stand up for freedom with your fax today.

In addition, this legislation could easily be used to control printed speech and materials. Biographies that discuss leaving the LGBT lifestyle or other writing that gives this message of hope could be banned. This will shut the door to helping people who have gender confusion or unwanted attraction to their own gender.

Some have used the thought process that created this legislation to apply to certain verses in the Bible and used that to censor even the Bible. This is a shocking assault on free speech.

We cannot sit by silently while radicals launch their new effort to slip this bill through Congress. It has already passed the U.S. House, and they are just a few votes from passing it in the Senate. But they didn't want to wait for the election, so they created a new strategy to pass it by a voice vote of whoever is on the floor.

This means that if conservatives happen to not be on the floor the next time radicals bring it up, they can pass it with just the verbal support of those who are present. Send your fax now to fight for hope, for freedom, and for religious liberty.

Liberty Counsel Action is gearing up for a significant battle in the Senate. My staff and I have created materials and talking points for legislators and for community leaders like you to help us spread the word. You can find these resources on our website at

We are building our petition to give to swing legislators. If you haven't already, will you take a stand against the "Equality Act" by adding your name to our petition that will be placed on the desks of undecided senators before they vote on it?

This bill will do the unimaginable if passed. Now is the time to fight it.

I am committed to doing everything LCA can on Capitol Hill to ensure this bill does not become law. Can I count on your donation to partner with us in this battle for religious freedom?

Our staff on Capitol Hill is working hard to defeat this bill and many others. Our freedom of speech, even about the most private of topics, needs to be protected now. Thank you for your concern and for your involvement.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. For the protection of counselors, pastors, parents, and all Americans to speak a message of hope freely, we must stop the "Equality Act." Fax your message to the Senate right now to fight this legislation.

If you haven't already, sign Liberty Counsel Action's petition today to bolster our efforts to educate our senators on the dangers of this legislation. I also invite you to forward this message to like-minded friends who want to see religious freedom saved in America.

And if you can, please donate today to partner with Liberty Counsel Action to block this outrageous bill. God bless you.