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Parents' Worst Nightmare

Jul 7, 2020

Radical activists on Capitol Hill are pushing to "protect" gender-confused kids ... from their own parents. The "Equality Act," which has wide-reaching language that will bring a fundamental change in the parent-child relationship, already passed the House and with a simple voice vote could also pass the U.S. Senate at any time the floor is open.

If the so-called "Equality Act" becomes law, it will punish loving parents trying to get help for their children who are confused about gender issues. It will classify such help as "child abuse" and even grounds for taking a child away from their parents! This dangerous bill will only allow placement of these children with an LGBT couple or LGBT-friendly home that will potentially pump them full of drugs and mutilate their bodies with unnecessary surgeries.

Already, desperate parents are calling us for help in similar situations. However, if this bill passes, it will make it much more difficult to get children the help they need. I'll share one heart-rending situation below to show how this will permanently harm individual minors and their families.

Together, we can stand in the gap and fight for parents who want to keep such children safe and in their homes. Send your fax to the Senate to stop the "Equality Act" from endangering our kids. - Mat

Desperate parents with no place to turn are contacting my team. They are casualties in a battle in which they could lose their precious children. But there is a way that you can help them.

My legal team has received many urgent pleas for help. Here is just one of these situations...

Parents found out that the public school where their daughter attended hid from them the fact that the school had referred their daughter for "gender transition" hormone-blocking pills. Not only was there no parental consent—the parents were not even informed!

But it gets worse:

When the parents discovered what was going on behind their backs, they stepped in to protect their daughter. They stopped the hormone "therapy" and other "gender altering" measures (hormones and surgery) that were being considered.

The local officials tried to claim that stopping this "care" was "child abuse" on the part of the parents!

This nightmare scenario is becoming more and more common as the "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" (SOGI) revolution steamrolls through our culture.

But if the intentionally misnamed "Equality Act" passes, caring for your child will automatically be considered child abuse in the eyes of the law. All American parents could be forced to choose between participating in—and even being forced to encourage—their child to take hormones and receive mutilating surgeries or risk losing them altogether.

But this horrific situation doesn't have to happen—you can help stop it right now.

We can fight back and defeat this bill. If we win now, it will save millions in costly court fees and expenses and an uphill battle to overturn the “Equality Act” after it becomes law. That's why I'm asking for you to act now by faxing the Senate to oppose this outrageous bill—and protect your family's freedom.

Radical activists are aggressively targeting children...

For radical SOGI activists, the so-called right of "gender identity" extends to children. They want minors who can't drive, smoke or drink to have the right to decide if they're a boy, a girl—or something else.

These radicals want the state to protect minors from their parents and from any conversational counseling that could help them work through gender confusion without medical procedures—surgeries that many who have taken such steps later regret. They want people who are still children to decide if they will want children in the future and to possibly become permanently sterilized.

As a result of this bill passing, Christian families and godly counselors will be under a relentless assault that will greatly escalate.

But you can help turn the tide and STOP this bill from becoming law with your fax to the Senate today.

My legal team is fighting two Florida ordinances which prohibit change counseling. These ordinances ban minors from receiving voluntary counseling from licensed professionals to reduce or eliminate unwanted same-sex attractions or behaviors, or gender confusion.

I am fighting to help two licensed marriage and family therapists as well as their clients—young victims who have been caught in the crossfire of the SOGI war on the family. These counselors provide life-saving counsel to minors who want to reconnect with their God-given gender.

These ill-conceived Florida ordinances are a warning concerning what is coming to your community and others nationwide if this bill slips through during a few unguarded moments on the Senate floor.

The "Equality Act" would end hope and professional help for children who need them. It takes the radical Florida ordinances and instantly pushes this radical legal perspective nationwide. Help stop this bill on the Senate floor right now with your fax.

The serious legal attack targeting loving parents is why I ask you to consider a generous gift to help Liberty Counsel Action today. We can only fight to defend your family's freedom on Capitol Hill because of your support.

Your gift is needed to win this fight against the so-called "Equality Act" ... because we can't fight effectively without friends like you!

Thank you for your generosity and for partnering with Liberty Counsel Action in defense of life, family and freedom!

Fighting for families,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Parental rights are under intense attack, now more than ever. Loving parenting and professional conversational counseling are being classified as "child abuse" in legislation now before the U.S. Senate. Right now, we have the opportunity to stand and fight for freedom before it is too late. Send a fax demanding that senators block this horrific bill.

Even if you can't fax, please sign our petition against this bill and then encourage others to do the same.

In also invite you to forward this message to likeminded friends who want to see parental rights preserved in America.

If you can support Liberty Counsel Action with a donation of any size today, we would deeply appreciate your partnership with us as we fight these battles in legislatures throughout the nation. God bless you!