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Speak Up. Lose Your Job.

Aug 3, 2020

Our nation is witnessing widespread censorship as Big Tech increasingly constricts what you say and what you receive. Dr. Simone Gold, the woman who led the press conference before the Supreme Court on behalf of America’s Frontline Doctors was FIRED for sharing her medical opinion backed by numerous international studies.

It gets worse (which I’ll share), but I urge you to demand that Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) end this censorship. With a simple fax, you can demand both Congress and the FCC to protect our freedom to receive information. -Mat

Dr. Simone Gold was told by her boss that she was terminated for "appearing in an embarrassing video." This board-certified emergency medical physician with more than 31-years of experience in medicine is on the front lines of treating COVID-19. She dared to buck Big Pharma by sharing what she had learned in practice.

She paid the price for telling us her medical opinion. Over 17 million people watched last week’s press conference before Facebook and YouTube censored it.

Google’s Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook removed the video of the press conference, and then blocked access to the website of America’s Frontline Doctors. Squarespace erased her organization’s webpage. Dr. Gold had to rebuild the website. But Squarespace went even one step further.

This private company (Squarespace) held hostage Dr. Gold’s URL so that she had to buy a brand-new URL. Anyone searching for the old web address still would not be able to find her new site.

In addition, some virus-prevention software programs are blocking her new site from those who happen to know the exact new web address and can type it in.

This is outrageous. The more information about hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) the better. Let the people and their doctors decide.

Governors are still locking people in their homes and Silicon Valley is monitoring and blocking everything they don’t want you to see.

All combined, this creates an environment where your news is only what the agenda-driven tech companies want you to see. And anyone who steps outside of the line faces wrath and censorship.

Vaccines are by far Big Pharma’s most lucrative drug, and, to top it off, pharmaceutical companies enjoy absolute immunity when their vaccines cause harm. Do not underestimate the power of Big Pharma on medicine, media, and politicians.

Is this even America anymore, or some Marxist remake of fake news and forbidden printing presses?

Congress and the FCC are on the verge of taking action. The FCC is considering regulating Bit Tech and Congress is investigating these tech giants.

It is time to stop the censorship. Make your voice heard while we still have the opportunity with your urgent fax to Congress and the FCC.

Since the 1950s, doctors have known that overdosing on HCQ can cause heart arrhythmia. This is one of the facts Dr. Gold’s group shared. Overdosing on almost ANY medication will cause problems. Even too much Tylenol can kill.

In spite of this public knowledge, a pharmaceutical company in Brazil "Farmanguinhos," translated the "Institute of Technology in Pharmaceuticals," funded a study to overdose COVID-19 patients on 1,200 mg of chloroquine (CQ), which is a stronger cousin to HCQ. Eleven people died.

By comparison, Lupus patients commonly take 100-200 mg of HCQ twice a day. As a prophylaxis (to prevent malaria) people will take 310 mg base once a week. To treat malaria, they will take 620 mg base max. That is half the dose of the weaker cousin to what was used in this "study."

Yet, this rigged "study" was trumpeted to discredit HCQ, even though its stronger cousin (CQ) was used at a very high dose. Why would Big Pharma want to discredit HCQ? Because billions are at stake with a vaccine.

One article is titled, "Hydroxychloroquine: Using anti-malaria drug is a risky business" with the preview text stating, "Fatal study in Brazil. A small phase II study in Brazil, in which 11 patients died ..." A large section of the article criticizes President Trump and other leaders who support HCQ.

There is little doubt in my mind that the opposition to HCQ is both political and financial.

This illustrates how much these censors cherry pick "facts" to completely change your perspective and manipulate you based on misinformation.

It is absolutely critical to rise up and fight for our freedom of information. Lives are hanging in the balance right now. These same social media censors also want to manipulate the country to elect the president of their choice.

It’s time to fight back. Send your fax to Congress and the FCC to stop twiddling their thumbs and END THIS CENSORSHIP NOW!

I want to help you push past the disinformation, fake news, and mental gymnastics and give you the truth. I believe our nation is in danger. This is a critical time to act.

Help us to be your voice in the nation’s capital. Please donate now or set up monthly donations to empower LCA to keep fighting for liberty today and in the days to come.

I’m done with being told by a computer algorithm what to think, how to think, how to speak, and how to act. It’s time for a rebirth of freedom in America. I pray that you will join me in this battle.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. The truth is under attack. Very clever people are working around the clock to figure out how to manipulate you, misinform you, and become your master. We have but a moment to make our voices heard and push our legislators to act now to stop this censorship. Send a fax demanding that legislators and the FCC move to protect the freedom of information and free speech.

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