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Lockdowns Don't Save Lives—Will Mandatory Vaccines?

Aug 25, 2020

A newly released, explosive study has confirmed: Lockdowns don’t save lives. In fact, the lead researcher of this project believes that lockdowns slowed the build-up of “herd immunity” among the younger population, which put the elderly and vulnerable at risk for a longer period of time.

Comparing Sweden to other locations, the study concluded that lockdowns appear to lead to higher death rates from the virus. The lead researcher says, "History will likely judge these lockdowns to be the greatest policy error of this generation."

But medical "experts" don't want Americans to dwell on their destructive errors of judgment—from wild overestimates of expected deaths, to "it's just going to be for a couple of weeks or so," to assertions that anyone who doesn't submit to lockdown orders is an accessory to murder.

Now, they are preparing to make their next demands: Mandatory masks and stay-at-home restrictions until they can roll out an under-tested vaccine that may well have been developed using aborted-baby cells.

Will you take a mandatory vaccine at the direction of experts with this much of a poor track record, or will you demand freedom to make your own healthcare decisions? -Mat

When looking at Sweden, Texas, Illinois and New York, "The final death toll following authoritarian lockdowns will most likely exceed the deaths from letting people choose how to manage their own risk," concluded Dr. Gilbert Berdine.

At COVID-19's peak, there were 50 deaths per million (dpm) in New York during the shutdown. Illinois had 15 dpm, and while Texas had a lighter lockdown, it had the lowest death rate with a little over 10 dpm. The Texas numbers were closest to Sweden's 11 dpm.

At this point in Sweden, "Daily mortality has been less than one death per day per million population for the previous eighteen days. Cases are very low. For all practical purposes, the covid-19 epidemic is over in Sweden," Dr. Berdine says.

It is now clear that the experts' warnings that COVID cases would overwhelm the hospitals in Sweden were completely wrong.

Berdine is not alone in his analysis. "A prominent Israeli mathematician, analyst and former general [Isaac Ben-Israel] claims a simple statistical analysis demonstrates that the spread of COVID-19 peaks after about 40 days and declines to almost zero after 70 days — no matter where it strikes, and no matter what measures governments impose to try to thwart it," according to the Gateway Pundit.

And Berdine's study did not take into consideration the increased domestic abuse, skyrocketing suicides and deaths from untreated or undertreated medical conditions during these lockdowns.

The same experts that pushed our nation into deadly lockdowns are now pushing for something else: Mandatory vaccines.

If you don't want to see a mandatory vaccine plan—substantially paid for by Bill Gates' agenda for the world—now is the time to demand your freedom with a fax to the legislators and governors who need to hear from you.

Recently, those pushing vaccines-for-all have gotten some unexpected allies.

A self-described Christian pro-evolution group recently released a statement maligning dozens of well-documented studies and medical opinions as "conspiracy theories."

Their misguided statement ignored the scientific conclusions many credible doctors have reached, and Liberty Counsel Action has published. It glosses over the problems caused by many government "experts" and the incompetency they have frequently displayed.

The statement demands that people disregard medical doctors that disagree with the group's views. This group demands unquestioning support for Dr. Anthony Fauci's positions based on his "expert" status alone. Perhaps worst of all, the statement weaves in Scripture to reach the following conclusion:

"Therefore, because of our faith in Jesus Christ, we will: Wear masks, get vaccinated, correct misinformation, seek justice, and pray."

I'm sorry, but this statement displays not only flawed logic, but extremely bad theology! Can you imagine Jesus condoning the killing of one of His children and then injecting the aborted baby's DNA into the general population?

Sadly, because of this "statement" that purports to represent a Christian perspective, politicians are likely to hear people echoing the group's misguided conclusion that, "The Christian thing to do is for everyone to wear masks and be vaccinated."

If we are silent, politicians will think there is little or no opposition to mandatory vaccinations. Acceptance of vaccines will be pushed as being "the moral high ground."

Now is the time to boldly speak for freedom! Don't allow self-described "Christian groups" to speak for you! Send your fax today.

We are talking about people justifying injecting a vaccine that may well include cell lines from aborted children, because of their faith in Jesus Christ! Amazingly, this group claims it already has 5,000 signatures and counting, of "religious leaders" and other prominent Christians who support the science of masks, lockdowns and vaccines.

Yet the vaccines are being rushed though trials that are being shortened and will, therefore, be scientifically incomplete. Even their venerated Dr. Fauci admits that a vaccine might only provide protections for three months before the virus could mutate to the point that a current vaccine would be completely ineffective.

We know that COVID-19 death rates are decreasing. This is the time to   fight for freedom and resist tyranny. If you haven't already, please sign Liberty Counsel Action's petition against mandatory government tracking and vaccinations.

I encourage you to not lose heart. Our future is in God's hands and, for now, we still have liberties that we can fight to maintain.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. We have a very small window of time to stop the acceptance of mandatory vaccines before permanent damage is done to our freedom and privacy. Will you stand with us? Fight for liberty by sending a fax to the politicians we need to influence in order to STOP mandatory vaccinations.

Your prayers and donations are appreciated now more than ever as Liberty Counsel Action fights at the epicenter of this battle. God bless you!


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