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Shocking New Numbers From CDC

Sep 1, 2020

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly buried an explosive statistic in their midweek report. The fake news media is desperately trying to hide this number from you.

The CDC statistics now admit that of the 161,392 reported COVID deaths, excluding other causes, only 6% of that number died solely due to COVID.

This means out of 328 million total people in America, less than 9,700 people in have died because of COVID-19. So, in America right now, absent other causes, there is a 0.0029% chance of dying from COVID.

But, instead of moving on, politicians and bureaucrats are pushing an untested vaccine filled with the cell lines of aborted babies. And they are itching to make the vaccine mandatory. Will you let politicians experiment on your body and your family for COVID? If not, send your fax to the governors and legislators who will be forcing you to vaccinate (or protecting your freedom to choose). Send your fax now. -Mat

The CDC released this info within its singularly unexciting “Weekly Updates by Select Demographic and Geographic Characteristics” buried halfway down the document. Ninety-four percent of deaths counted on the official COVID dashboards, had on average, "2.6 additional conditions or causes per death,” the CDC said, “in addition to COVID-19.”

That means the vast majority of deaths counted as COVID deaths had closer to three medical conditions that contributed to or caused their deaths. Conditions like in Florida, which listed one of those co-morbidities as “Gunshot to the head.” Or another that died of a motorcycle accident but was added to the list of those who died from COVID-19.

I’m very confident that a vaccine will not protect you from vehicle accidents or bullets. Yet these deaths are what politicians and others are using to push and scare people into taking a vaccine. Will you be pushed, or will you push back and demand the freedom for people to decide on their own if they want to inject themselves and their families with it. Send your fax today to the governors and legislators who will be making the decisions to respect your freedoms or demand that you inject a vaccine.

In addition, another alarm was raised over the weekend. News broke that COVID tests were too sensitive. “The standard tests are diagnosing huge numbers of people who may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus. Most of these people are not likely to be contagious,” said The New York Times. “In three sets of testing data that include cycle thresholds, compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus.” (emphasis added)

So not only are we over inflating the number of deaths, we are also over inflating the numbers of those testing positive in America.

Yet, these are the numbers that, night after night, fake news outlets are peddling to the American people to show how “terrible” our nation is, how “bad” our president is, and how much you need to cower in your homes and be ready the moment an immorally-sourced, under-tested vaccine is offered.

Will you comply? Or will you use this truth to fight against this manipulation of our nation and the sacrifice of our freedoms and liberties. Send your fax to these politicians today.

Right now, Liberty Counsel Action’s staff is working in D.C. to inform legislators about our deep concerns regarding the aborted fetal cell lines that are included in many of these vaccines. We are also meeting with high-level officials expressing concern over how these injections have been rushed through the process with millions and billions of dollars on the line, incentivizing companies to hide any negative symptoms or complications.

And, we are insisting that any vaccine be voluntary. Getting a vaccine must be an individual choice, not one forced by the state, Big Pharma or Bill Gates.

We can only have this face-to-face time with the leaders of our nation because of the sacrifice of our friends and donors who support our ministry and our vision to have wise decisions made on Capitol Hill and around our nation.

As we launch this new effort in this new month, I urge you to donate today to strengthen our voice.

Thank you for your prayers for our nation, leadership, and our team. We need your prayers now more than ever. And thank you for your support to fight and win this battle for liberty.

Fighting for freedom,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. The numbers of those who died because of COVID are way off the mark. In addition, the numbers of those who have tested positive are inflated. Now is the time to demand freedom against mandatory vaccines. It is time to demand these wild politicians remember the Constitution that they took an oath to defend. Send a fax demanding that legislators and governors stop all mandatory vaccine efforts.

If you can't send a fax today, I encourage you to sign our petition. We want to make sure everyone can make their voices heard on this important issue.

Right now, is a challenging time for many of our usual friends and supporters. Please know that we pray for you. If you can support Liberty Counsel Action with a donation of any size today, we would deeply appreciate your partnership with us. God bless you.


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