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What Is Manipulating 80% of Voters?

Oct 1, 2020

We are a month away from a historic election and we are rapidly losing our freedom of speech online. Now, Big Tech corporations can censor and silence every advertisement or statement about candidates or COVID-19, even if it is completely true. Fighting this censorship just got even more important.

We have evidence below that this has already started.

LCA’s team participated in a critical call that revealed chilling new strategies just launched by Facebook, YouTube, and others to silence the truth.

Capitol Hill needs to hear your demands for Big Tech to stop hiding the truth from American voters which could possibly swing the election. Send your urgent fax to the Administration and Congress who have the power and authority to end this stranglehold on Americans’ freedom of speech. - Mat

Dr. Robert Epstein was the first to stand up and reveal the truth of what is happening inside Big Tech algorithms. His Senate testimony revealed the impact these Big Tech censors are having. He has been studying online manipulation of information to control behaviors for more than six years. He made a shocking declaration about censorship during this meeting:

“This is the greatest danger to freedom, democracy, and autonomy that I have ever seen.”

When Dr. Epstein (a Hillary supporter) ran his first study using the types of algorithms being manipulated by these Big Tech companies, he expected he would be able to shift the voting preference of two or three percent. ... What he actually found was his first study shifted the voting preferences of 43% of the study’s participants. His next study shifted 63% of participants. Finally, a very large study was able to manipulate up to 80% of the participants—just by controlling online search engine results, Dr. Epstein explained to The Epoch Times.

And when someone that is this knowledgeable is willing to break with radical talking points to warn our nation, it’s time for freedom-loving patriots to sit up and pay attention—especially since we have 32 days left until the election.

We are providing you with the best, most effective tools to change the future of our nation. We have a multi-pronged attack to end this censorship through key players on Capitol Hill. These key players need to hear from you right away. Send your urgent fax to the legislators and administrative offices that have the authority to stop this censorship now.


Facebook just denied an ad from the American Principles Project on women’s sports and “transgenderism.” What is new and concerning about this denial is that Facebook did not even attempt to claim that the ad was false. It basically admitted it couldn’t point to a single thing that wasn’t true. It denied the ad based on claims that it was “missing context.”

This vague, nebulous, undefined standard gives Facebook—exactly what I just warned about—the ability to deny any and all ads that run against their corporation’s political agenda.

APP said they believe the ad was denied because it was “not nice enough to the Left.” This is a very dangerous situation for our nation to be in with just over a month left before the election.

Now is the moment to rise up to fight against this monopoly of control and censorship of the innocent and accurate voices of Americans standing up to speak the truth. Send your urgent fax today.


This level of manipulation goes way deeper than most people realize. The first step of manipulation by Big Tech is for them to know and monitor their target: you and millions of other Americans.

Dr. Epstein described the current level of monitoring as “off the charts.” He said right now Big Tech corporations are using more than 200 different known ways and platforms to track and watch the actions and behaviors of everyone.

These companies are watching so that they can change the attitudes, beliefs, and even the votes of at least 15 million or more people, according to Dr. Epstein. These numbers are likely much higher considering what is happening in 2020.

Will we let Big Tech get away with it, or will we hold their feet to the fire and demand justice and freedom of speech from our public servants in D.C.? Now is the time to act. Make your voice ring down the halls of Congress and the administration wings through your fax right now.


It is deeply concerning to me that we don’t even know how many more voices are being silenced.

These concerns are gaining powerful allies like Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Josh Hawley. Even Sen. Marsha Blackburn took the time to address this topic on a call with leading organizations, including Liberty Counsel Action.

Our staff members on the Hill are working with a growing group of allied organizations to fight this. We are sharing our strategies and supporting the growth of an entire movement to fight this censorship.

But we can only do this because of your support of our ministry's vision. Your gift helps us give strength to silenced voices and bring light to the darkness. I ask you to give your best gift today to help our mission, or sign up for recurring donations to keep us moving forward.

I want to thank you for your concern about the path our nation is on right now. Join me daily in prayer for our country.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. There is not a moment to waste. We are losing our freedom of speech at an alarming rate just 32 days before the election. Send an urgent fax to key leaders and legislators to stop spying on and manipulating Americans.

Please forward it to your friends and family to help spread the truth. If you haven't already, sign our petition to the White House to take action to stop this censorship.

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