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Hunter's Laptop, Verified by Five

Oct 28, 2020

Hunter Biden’s laptop has been confirmed by five independent sources, but the fake news continues to suppress, discredit, and censor this story.

Now there is documentation that Hunter was very close to Chinese tycoon Ye Jianming embedded in the Chinese Communist Party. Hunter was being paid 10 million dollars annually plus 10 million dollars for “introductions” from this business leader in the Communist Party who was asking Hunter to help with “staff visas and some more sensitive things.”

As the news slowly leaks out, Google searches for how to “change my vote” have skyrocketed. This shows that this explosive information has the power to change the minds of voters. But it also means that when Big Tech is silencing the voices of people discussing this on Facebook and Twitter, it is engaging in illegal election interference.

Right now, it is time to declare that you, an American citizen, must have the ability to speak your mind and use your voice to support whichever candidate you choose. Send your fax right now to demand our legislators and administrative leaders end special protections for these tech giants. -Mat

On Oct. 14, 2017, Hunter Biden texted LT. Bobulinski that his relationship was “solid” with Ye Jianming, the multibillion-dollar owner of CEFC China Energy.

Hunter’s text boasted, “I’ve been talking to the Chairman [Ye] on a regular basis. I was his first guest in his new apartment/ he cooked me lunch himself and we ate in the kitchen together,” reported The Epoch Times who saw screen shots of this conversation.

With all the incriminating conversations and evidence that we have already found on Hunter’s laptop of underage girls, drugs, bribery, manipulation, selling America’s national security, and more, I shudder to think of what the “sensitive” request entails, coming from one of the top ten Communist business owners in China.

But don’t expect to see this sordid story on 60 Minutes or NPR. Even Drudge Report was void of any mentions of Hunter yesterday, the biggest scandal since the Clintons. Facebook and Twitter are standing by their hypocritical censorship in support of the Bidens. Tucker Carlson on Fox News stands as a brilliant exception, with a powerful segment with LT. Bobulinski last night.

We have a few days left to restore our freedom of speech before it might be completely eliminated under the next regime ... I mean, politician. Now is the moment to raise the roof on Congress and the Feds. Your fax today can inform our leaders that we will not be forced to bow to the kings of Big Tech.


Thus far, everything that has come to light independently verifies that the files on Hunter Biden’s laptop are authentic. Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) told the media, “What I can say about all of those sources, we’re continuing to do our due diligence to verify and authenticate the genuineness of those emails ... to date, we have found nothing that disputes them. All we’ve found is verification, validation of their authenticity.”

This statement is not for lack of information. Hunter’s ex-business partner Lt. Tony Bobulinski turned over three cell phones and countless emails and texts. He spoke directly with Senate Homeland Security committee members and answered their questions.

Another ex-business partner of Hunter’s is Bevan Cooney is currently serving a prison sentence for fraud. Cooney turned over 26,000 emails between himself and Hunter Biden. Cooney was moved out of his cell over of concern of being “Epsteined.”

In addition to the Homeland Security committee’s findings, the Dept. of Justice and the FBI have publicly refuted the “Russian disinformation” line as bogus.

Despite these five major independent confirmations of this laptop, the fake news media and Big Tech continues to censor this and spread lies. NPR, 60 Minutes, Facebook and Twitter continue to do everything in their power to censor and silence this story.

With the wonderful news that Justice Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed, now is the time to help our Senate turn their attention to this incredible infringement on free speech. If we flood their offices with our concerns, we could turn their attention to fixing this very significant problem in our republic. Send your urgent fax demanding action to make censorship the hottest topic on Capitol Hill.


Right now, voters are able to change their minds in as many as nine states—even after they have mailed in their ballots. This includes Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire, New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Washington and Wisconsin. The latter even gives voters three chances to make the change.

Wisconsin election offices stated, “‘many voters’ had been getting in contact to see how they could revoke their initial absentee ballot,” according to the New York Post.

Our freedom of speech is vital to a peaceful republic. But these Big Tech corporations are working hard to take it away from us. Fight back with your fax today to the government officials that are giving special protections to those who infringe on your free speech!


Liberty Counsel Action does so much more than deliver your faxes and petitions. Today, we are monitoring a hearing on Capitol Hill and we will bring you an after-action update soon. We are a full policy organization in Washington D.C., and for the last two years we have been laying the groundwork to fight censorship on Capitol Hill. It is exciting to see this problem starting to gain the attention of our nation’s leaders.

This is only possible because of the financial partnership of supporters that entrust us to continue fighting this battle faithfully. Join our vision today with your donation to fight and win against this censorship.

Don't be discouraged. Now is the moment to get involved. Let us start this battle on our knees before a holy God and end it on our feet as free patriots.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. We cannot be controlled by Big Tech’s silencing of the truth. Fight with us against growing totalitarian control by those who demand you live under their version of reality. Send your fax today demanding that legislators and the administration end this censorship. Or sign our petition.

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