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Scorching the Censors

Oct 29, 2020

Sen. Cruz just torched Twitter’s CEO. Meanwhile, Facebook’s CEO completely blanked in an awkward, telling exchange with Sen. Mike Lee. I’ll share more on that below, but what concerns me the most is that radical members of the Senate are pushing these companies to censor EVEN MORE!

Facebook, Google, and Twitter CEOs just testified before the U.S. Senate. Now is our chance to hold Big Tech accountable for the shocking and horrific censorship that was exposed.

Right now, it is critical for members of Congress to hear from YOU while this is a hot topic on Capitol Hill. Help end censorship. Make your voice heard with a critical fax to Congress and the federal departments that have the authority to end these special legal protections for Big Tech. - Mat

Sen. Marsha Blackburn pointed out that Twitter has not censored Joe Biden even once, but it has censored President Trump 65 times!

Radicals are getting shriller after Lt. Tony Bobulinski’s powerful interview with Tucker Carlson during which he provided first-hand knowledge of the Biden’s corruption. Yet, Sen. Ed Markey (D- MA) made these shockingly false and ridiculous claims in the committee:

“Anti-conservative bias is not a problem. The issue is not that the companies before us are taking too many posts down, the problem is that they are leaving too many dangerous posts up. In fact, they are amplifying harmful content so that it spreads like wildfire and tortures our democracy.”

Sen. Markey demands that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook promise to censor President Trump even more in the future. This is the type of voice goading Big Tech to censor even more.

This is what you and I have to rise up and fight against. If radicals win this battle, our freedoms may be permanently lost. Send your fax today to strengthen our allies in Congress and the administration to fight against these special privileges for Big Tech corporations.


Twitter made the unbelievable decision to censor the New York Post article about the Biden family’s corruption. But when asked under oath why, its CEO claimed they did it because the source was “unclear.” But the article clearly states how they received this information.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey tried to blame the censorship on a “fast decision” his team made. However, two weeks have passed, and Twitter is still censoring the New York Post for that tweet. Dorsey is demanding the New York Post delete its tweet BEFORE they will be reinstated on Twitter.

Sen. Ted Cruz scorched Dorsey: “You can censor the New York Post. You can censor Politico. Presumably you can censor the New York Times or any other media outlet. Mr. Dorsey, who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report, and what the American people are allowed to hear, and why do you persist in behaving as a Democratic Super PAC silencing views to the contrary of your political beliefs."

In a shocking dodge, Dorsey attempted to claim that what people see on Twitter has no ability to impact elections through individual votes. But through Dr. Robert Epstein’s work we know that up to 80% of people can be influenced by the information they see.

In a very telling interaction yesterday, Sen. Mike Lee asked Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg if he could name even one high profile Democrat politician or organization that his platform had censored. Zuckerberg couldn't. He stumbled around and answered a different question and offered to get a list to provide later.

Facebook is censoring more than 1.2 million posts per day. Sen. Lee once more pressed for just one name of a Democrat that had been censored on Facebook, but their CEO could not name even one Democrat person or entity.

Instead he replied, “Senator, uh, I need to think about that.” When Twitter was asked, Dorsey also could not give a personal name either but offered a general title of someone he thought had been censored.

The bias, the censorship and the attacks on our freedom as Americans is truly mind-blowing. Send your urgent fax to our congressional leaders demanding that our freedom of speech be preserved.


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As we come to the end of this month, I ask you to partner with us. The battle is intensifying, and, with your help, I want to mount a powerful defense of our freedom of speech and your right to receive information.

I want you to have the ability to speak and receive the truth so you can decide for yourself.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. While Congress is investigating this issue, urge them to take action to end the suppression of the truth. Send a fax demanding that legislators and the FCC move to protect the freedom of information and free speech.

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