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Jail for Suspected Contact With Disease

Jan 7, 2021

What happened on January 6 does not change what happened on November 3. We will continue praying and advocating for election integrity. The facts of what happened during the election have not changed, the fraud has not changed, and our mission to restore the integrity of our elections through policy and law has not changed. We always have, and will continue to peacefully advocate for policy changes, and LCA always condemns violence. We offer our prayers for those who suffered the consequences of that violence.

In future emails, we will be bringing you a path forward. 

While the nation’s attention has been riveted on the chaotic events surrounding the fraudulent 2020 general election, right now, vaccine lobbyists are pushing their agenda hard. This is most clearly seen in a radical bill in New York that defies both common sense and our Constitution. It appears to be a key portion of the coming “vaccine passport” that I have been warning you about for months.

Radicals now want to throw you in medical “jail” for weeks—if they deem you are a “danger to public health.” I want to give yo­­u a clear picture of the America we will leave for our children if we do not fight against these attacks on freedom.

Send your urgent fax right now to the state and federal legislators who want to punish you for making decisions about your medical future. -Mat

What 2020 taught us is the willingness of any despot—disguised as a governor or political ideologue—to manipulate “public health” to destroy your personal freedom, even the ones guaranteed in our U.S. Constitution.

Now, one state is taking this to a whole new level.

This week, a New York legislator introduced an emergency order bill that says when a government official suspects you might have any communicable disease you can be locked up in jail.

Not “just” for 14 days.

Not for 30 days. Not even for 45 days.

You can be locked up for 60 days before you’d even get a chance in court to plead your case, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT SICK! That’s more than eight weeks, and I’ll explain below how it gets even worse.

If you don’t want innocent, healthy Americans to be locked up for 60 days then send an urgent fax right now to the national and state leaders to demand your freedom and rights.

What would your “crime” be? This 60 days in medical jail is for anyone that a politician or bureaucrat thinks that “the health of others is or may be endangered by a case, contact or carrier, or suspected case, contact or carrier of a contagious disease.” (Emphasis added)

A “suspected carrier” can be detained until the politician decides the person “has not been exposed to such a disease.” (emphasis added) But there are no instructions as to how quickly they must make that determination, nor how quickly to release the “suspect” after such a determination is made.

This epidemic emergency is not limited to COVID. And it doesn’t even have to be a deadly disease. The law clearly states that it can be used for “an epidemic of any communicable disease.”

To summarize, this bill means that whenever a politician thinks you “may” be a risk to the public health, the politician does not need to confirm that you actually are sick to put you in “detention.” The politicians need not even confirm that you were around anyone that was sick.

The law clearly states that “in no event shall any person be detained for more than sixty days without a court order authorizing such detention.” That provides scant comfort. When you read it carefully, it means that when a judge is involved, you could be confined for much longer than 60 days. (Or perhaps indefinitely until you bow to their mandatory demands, potentially including a COVID vaccine.)

This is outrageous! Bill A416 should be nicknamed the “COVID Detention Camp bill.” But what is chilling is that we have repeatedly seen plans, requirements, and mandates like this start in these radical states and spread across the nation.

That is why it is critical to fight against these policies right now. Send your urgent fax to both national and state leaders to fight against this bill and anything similar to it.

In an absolutely chilling fashion, this bill allows a governor to apply this detention to more than just one person at a time. This detention can be applied to a whole “group of such persons.”

They can detain an entire group, such as a church, home bible study, or synagogue. Keep in mind that this bill is introduced in a state where the NYC Mayor and Governor have both shown incredible hostility toward both religious activities and people of faith.

Send your urgent fax right now to the state and federal legislators to demand that Concentration Camps not come to America.

Some may try to argue that this is “only in case of emergencies” but I’ll answer that by giving you an idea of just how “permanent” emergency orders can be. There are active nationwide emergency orders dating from 2018 all the way back to 1979. In that timeframe, there are more than 30 national emergency orders that are still active right now from as early as 40 years ago.

“Emergency orders” can quickly become a permanent policy.

In fact, the goal of “The Great Reset” is to continually build power and control through each sickness until our nation, and the world, is crippled beyond recognition. There is a political movement to make this permanent.

Will we sit by and allow our freedom to travel, freedom to make medical choices, and right to a fair trial to be erased, or will we rise up now and fight against this? Together, we must fight back. Send your urgent fax to block this bill from passing and spreading to other states hoping to push the same legislation across America.

I support the old adage of “if you’re sick, stay home.” But I will never support a bill that introduces detention camps.

Together, with prayer and activism, we can preserve freedom in America. But we need your help.

I cannot thank you enough for what your partnership, along with God’s blessing, has accomplished. We can only fight these battles because of your support of our ministry. Give today to help us identify and overcome these attacks on your freedom.

Blessings on you and your family,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Please send your best possible gift as part of our extended Challenge opportunity to help Liberty Counsel Action begin 2021 on good financial footing. Then send a fax to key leaders demanding them to not mandate a vaccine.


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