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Grounded: Second Airline Mandates Vaccine

Jan 22, 2021

Mandatory vaccines will become the “new norm” to fly, said the Qatar Airways CEO. He thinks “everybody will have to produce a vaccination certificate to board an airplane ... a lot of countries would require that you be vaccinated before you come,” Akbar Al Baker told BBC World.

The United Nations is pressuring a large airline trade association to fall in line. If you do not want to have the board of directors for an airplane company (or an international politician) deciding what is best for your health, we need to speak up now.

Free Americans must have the ability to make the choice that they believe is best, without coercion. Send an urgent fax to key leaders and demand that our tax dollars only support companies that allow the vaccine to remain the free choice for Americans. -Mat

Last month a United Nation’s health agency announced it is launching a pilot project in Estonia with "a digital vaccine certificate—a ‘smart yellow card’—for eventual use in interoperable (working across multiple networks of) healthcare data tracking.”

Mandatory vaccinations have always been the goal of billionaire Bill Gates. He has pushed his global plan for years.

“This is going to stop people going across borders—very dramatically these next few years—till we get to that full vaccination.” Gates said. “Each country has to get the entire populous [vaccinated],” he added.

This vaccine certificate or “passport” is a joint project between the International Civil Aviation Organization and World Health Organization (WHO), which are part of the United Nations, and the trade association the International Air Transport Association (IATA), respectively.

Many of these airline companies continue to receive government bailout funding right now and are deeply beholden to the government. We need to make sure our leaders know that we demand freedom of individual choice regarding this vaccine. Help protect your freedom. Send a fax to state and local leaders to declare that we will not be herded and injected like common farm animals.

The predictions that you will not be able to buy, sell, or travel without this vaccine are quickly coming around the corner.

We have done a lot of research and verified actual and potential serious side effects of the vaccine. The choice to vaccinate must remain your personal decision—not a decision made by a CEO or a government.

Declare to our state and local leaders that “We the People” will not tolerate a vaccine being forced on us. Send your urgent fax to fight against all efforts to demand this COVID-19 vaccination as mandatory for travel.

Keep in mind the AstraZeneca vaccine was produced using aborted fetal cell lines. There is disputed information about whether the Moderna vaccine does or not, but it did use aborted fetal cell lines in the testing phase. There are very serious concerns about side effects like death, paralysis, potential infertility, heart attacks, and more.

Qatar is the second airline to push this. Qantas Airline CEO, Alan Joyce stated, “For international travellers [sic]...we will ask people to have a vaccination before they get on the aircraft.”

In addition, during the G20 Summit, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping pushed for “travelers to adopt a global QR code system” so that they can be tracked anywhere they go.

Our freedom is under the most intense attack I have ever seen. Private companies are lining up shoulder-to-shoulder to push the dreams of a communist dictator. They are demanding that you give up your personal freedom, choices, and rights to submit and take a vaccine (some of which contain aborted fetal cell lines) that can cause serious damage.

It is shocking that people are so blinded by fear of a virus with a very high survival rate that they cannot see how this power gives a centralized government and companies complete control, which can be easily corrupted and for incredible evil. Send your urgent fax to fight against all efforts to push and demand this vaccine as mandatory for travel.

Our staff is working on many fronts to defend your freedom. This includes fighting for voluntary vaccines, free speech, and election integrity.

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Fighting for freedom,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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