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What's Next In the Sham Impeachment Trial

Feb 8, 2021

Today, Trump's lawyers must submit his pre-trial legal brief to the U.S. Senate for the sham impeachment trial starting tomorrow. I urge you to send a strong message to these people who think they can impeach the Constitution.

The U.S. House provided no evidence, no witnesses, and now that Trump is out of office, there is no constitutional authority for the Senate trial. Everyone who supports this unconstitutional trial should hear from "We the People."

It's time to cover the offices of each senator with faxes demanding that they oppose this unconstitutional impeachment trial. Click here or below to send your critical fax to each member of the Senate to urge them to stop the persecution of Trump. - Mat

We are on the eve of the Senate impeachment trial. The American "gestapo court," like the old English Star Chamber, hit a new low. One of the most partisan and biased Democrat senators will be presiding over the Senate’s impeachment trial. This is making a sham of justice in America.

Articles II, section 1 and 4 are clear: a private person cannot be impeached. A former president cannot be impeached. Article I, section 3 is also clear: when THE president is on trial in the Senate, the Chief Justice SHALL preside. But the Chief Justice has refused, because he knows this trial is unconstitutional.

No wonder the House presented no witnesses and no evidence. The fact is, the incursion into the Capitol building began long before Trump finished his speech. Those at the Capitol did not hear his speech as it was delivered away from the Capitol.

These impeachment advocates often lie. They hate objective truth and hate the Constitution. In a prior email I quoted the shocking statements from Democrats who supported the riots and violence of Antifa/BLM, including Sen. Schumer, Sen. Booker, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden.

Your faxes have already made a difference. Before we began faxing, at least 18 Republican senators refused to state the impeachment is unconstitutional. Now, 45 have gone on record slamming the impeachment.

All the senators are under a lot of pressure from their party, the media, and radical special interest groups. That is why we need to flood the offices of these senators with the voices of peaceful patriots standing against this unconstitutional and deeply biased impeachment. Send your fax to members of the Senate right away.

I don't know if you saw the tear-filled, terrorized so-called "testimony" from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) about fearing for her life on Jan 6. The truth came out later that AOC wasn't even in the Capitol building; she was in a different building on a separate block, hiding in her bathroom, cowering in terror because a police officer knocked on her office door to make sure everything was fine.

AOC is a liar, and so are many of her colleagues. They don't like the truth because they don't like an objective standard, and thus, the reason they hate the Constitution. But we must remind them they cannot impeach the Constitution no matter how hard they try.

We can see a pattern of lies. Biden's repeated lies and plagiarism extend all the way back to his 1988 presidential campaign. Now, AOC is caught lying. The lies can be traced from Sen. Schumer, to the hate-filled lies by Sen. Leahy against then-Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, to the fake news media. They lie. Don't let them get away with their new impeachment lie.

I urge you to send a critical fax to the Senate to demand that our representatives end this bogus attack on Trump.

These liars have not just voted to impeach Donald Trump, they voted to impeach you and me and our shared values because of our concerns about election integrity and honest elections.

The Democrats (and five Republican senators) don't like Trump. They are entitled to their opinion. But they are not entitled to trashing our Constitution and making a mockery out of due process and the rule of law. Here, they have crossed the line and must hear from us.

But make no mistake, this third-world violation of law will backfire if We the People speak out. I urge you to send an urgent fax to the Senate to demand that our representatives end this bogus attack on Trump.

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For freedom,

Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel Action

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