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The Coming Digital Vaccine Passport

Apr 5, 2021

Government agents are rolling out a COVID “Vaccine Passport” in America. First in New York, then in Las Vegas, and now every state is under pressure from the Biden-Harris Administration to launch a worldwide medical passport that will include tracking and tracing!

This is the single greatest threat to your liberty to travel and perhaps directly to your health. This is the high-tech equivalent of the Nazi demand of “Papers, please”—only today it is exponentially more dangerous and it is coming unless we stop it. I’ll explain how below. —Mat

Your right to travel, shop, dine or attend any public event is threatened by these digital vaccine passports. Don’t just take my word for how grave this threat is. Listen to the deep concerns of Naomi Wolf, a liberal feminist author and former political advisor to both Bill Clinton and Al Gore:

“I’m CEO of a tech company. I understand what this platform does. It’s not about the vaccine, it’s not about the virus, it’s about data. And once this rolls out, you don’t have a choice about being part of the system. What people have to understand is that any other functionality can be loaded onto that platform with no problem at all,” she said. “They’re trying to roll it out around the world. It is so much more than a vaccine pass. I can’t stress this enough. It has the power to turn off your life. Or turn on your life. To let you engage in civil society or be marginalized. It’s catastrophic. It cannot be allowed to continue.”

I believe COVID is an excuse to exert this level of the invasion of privacy and data control over freedom-loving Americans to get you and I to submit to this government invasion into every aspect of our lives!

I warned this was coming in April last year. Now it has arrived.

It’s time to fight back for our freedom to decide what we think best. Even if you have already taken the vaccine, please stand with those who still have concerns and want the freedom to make their own choice. Make your voice heard by sending an urgent fax to these leaders.

At least 25 nations have blocked the use of the AstraZeneca injection because of safety concerns. This includes India, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Iceland, Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Italy, Slovenia, Cyprus, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and Thailand. In addition, Canada has suspended it for people under 55 because of the risk of blood clotting and deaths.

Yet America is pushing full steam ahead! This vaccine passport is being pushed hard by Bill Gates and also Biden-Harris through a body called the Federal Health IT Coordinating Council. Its goals are (1) “coordination and alignment of vaccine credential activities across HHS [Health and Human Services] agencies” and (2) “representing a unified HHS perspective with other Federal entities, private sector initiatives and international organizations.”

Did you catch that? The U.S. government is using everything at its disposal to push people to accept a worldwide vaccine passport using undertested injections by coordinating government agencies, private businesses and international groups!

Are you ready to beg a worldwide program for permission so you can see your grandkids, get groceries or even just take out your trash? I’m not! Join me in sending a fax to state and national leaders to demand that they block mandatory injections.

I have deep concerns about COVID reporting. The World Health Organization (WHO) changed the definition of “pandemic” from (1) occurring over many countries, (2) infectious and (3) resulting in enormous numbers of deaths and illnesses. In the fall of 2020, WHO removed the third prong of that definition.

Already the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (which is completely voluntary) has reported 2,249 DEATHS caused by this COVID injection. A healthy member of a local church where I live died after taking the mRNA injection. This is becoming all too frequent.

Also there have been 50,861 reports of reactions to these injections through March 26, 2021. Keep in mind this system reflects numbers compiled directly from government data. We have heard from multiple emergency room nurses that their hospitals are intentionally suppressing reporting to this system. In addition, historically only about 1% of vaccine injuries are reported through this voluntary program.

In addition, this government data has found 75 miscarriages were caused by this injection (which is something else I warned about). One of the young leaders we took to Israel just contacted us and shared that their boss had been a strong supporter of the injection while his pregnant wife is finishing up her medical residency. She was four months pregnant and recently took the vaccine. Last week she found out that their baby had died.

However, those sad facts haven’t helped a pregnant nursing student in Roanoke, Virginia. Virginia Western Community College gave this student an ultimatum only 24 hours before her clinicals were supposed to start. Brittany Underwood was told that she could not start without first having taken a COVID injection. Now she says she feels “stuck” because she cannot graduate without the clinicals but cannot take them without the vaccine. She is being forced to choose between her career and—potentially—her preborn child’s life.

We were able to get the Louisiana State University’s School of Dentistry to back down from requiring faculty, staff and students to receive COVID injections. Federal law under the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s Emergency Use Authorization requires informed consent. You should not be forced to take the COVID injections, nor should you be required to carry a digital vaccine passport to live your life.

Demand that our state and federal leaders take action now to protect the rights and freedoms of this young mother. Fax governors and legislators demanding that Americans have the freedom to make our own decisions.

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Psalm 94:17 reminds us, “If the Lord had not been my help, my soul would soon have dwelt in the abode of silence.” Let us fix our eyes on Jesus and speak up while we have this window of opportunity.


Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel Action

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