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The Vaccine Passport Began Long Before COVID...

Apr 7, 2021

Long before COVID showed up, a plan was hatched to steal your freedom.

COVID was their springboard to get people to give up freedom for “safety.” Now they are pushing the greatest crackdown on freedom yet; it comes straight from Communist China under a “vaccine passport” to restrict travel and entry to businesses and events based on the government’s directives.

Will America bow to Big Tech and an app that will track where you buy groceries, dine, shop, work, attend school, attend a political rally or even go to church. A few states are now pushing back, but we need more!

Make your voice heard now for freedom! Send a fax to the governors and federal legislators who can protect freedom in their states from these mandatory vaccine passports. — Mat

Six years ago—long before COVID-19—Bill Gates was already preparing. He did a TED Talk on epidemics in 2015. It was very telling that the very first thing he mentioned needing was not medicine or hospital supplies. No, the first thing Gates was pushing for in an epidemic was “Surveillance & Data.” And he was pushing hard to have electronic medical records so that private medical records could be shared instantly with millions of people.

Gates went on to call it a “global failure” to not have these things in place, but we were not to worry because he “can build a really good response system.” Gates and others had been planning for years to take advantage of the fear created by a disease.

Less than two months into COVID, when most people were hoping it would soon be over, major tech groups were positioning massive technological changes, constant surveillance and social control.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology published the following in its Technology Review: “This new social order will seem unthinkable to most people in so-called free countries. But any change can quickly become normal if people accept it” (emphasis added). MIT, Bill Gates and many globalists are wanting you to just “accept it” without question or pause.

The authors continued: “The new normal will be that we are used to the idea that in some cases being able to move around freely is dependent on us being able to show that we’re healthy.” He added, “There will be a greater acceptance, I think, of that kind of public health monitoring.”

Keep in mind that before MIT published this article, fake news outlets were already hiding that Australian scientists had found a treatment for COVID. These scientists proved that Ivermectin killed 99.8% of COVID within 48 hours in a lab setting! This drug is very inexpensive. But if there was a cure with existing meds and not widespread fear, there would be no acceptance of mass surveillance.

This cover-up may be one of the greatest crimes of our generation. Yet these same elites STILL continue to push for mass surveillance today! They have launched a national, even international, campaign to push for vaccine passports to track you. Will you submit to their designs or will you push back now? Send your urgent fax to the governors and federal legislators who can stop this vaccine passport from becoming mandatory like Gates wants all across America and the world.

These globalists are pushing a phone app to display your vaccine passport. The amount of information this program could track and disclose about you is mind-blowing: where your friends are, when you leave the house, everywhere you’ve been, how often you’re in the same room with your spouse and where you worship. A friend of mine in Israel already has a digital vaccine passport and a tracking app on his phone.

What problems could that possibly cause? Ask Chinese Christians. Their government monitors and tracks the number of steps they take every day and then calculates “social credits” based on their movements.

Our Founding Fathers knew the dangers of government intrusion. That’s why they wrote in the Fourth Amendment: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches … shall not be violated.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has led the way in issuing an executive order banning government and private companies from requiring vaccine passports. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott just issued a similar order, and now Georgia’s governor is considering the same.

But very few leaders are pushing back. We need to draw a line in the sand. Send an urgent fax to our governors and key legislators to DEMAND that our freedoms survive to the next generation.

In typical sleight of hand, the CDC’s Dr. Fauci took to the media this week to discredit concerns. He stated he “doubt[s] the federal government will be the main mover of a vaccine passport concept.” However, our team already uncovered federal documents outlining the Biden Administration’s efforts to push businesses, private groups and even international requirements for a digital vaccine passport. Remember, Fauci admitted publicly that he intentionally lied about how many people would need to get a vaccine to develop herd immunity. He gradually increased the numbers to get people used to the idea. Remember also that he pushed “two weeks to flatten the curve.”

Add your voice to demand that state and national leaders block mandatory injections and vaccine passports.

We can win this fight if we work together! So far, two governors have taken action to ban vaccine passports in their states (Texas and Florida)! This is encouraging because you have been faxing these governors. We only have these victories because of your support. Please consider DOUBLING the impact of your gift today through our Challenge Grant. We are already reaching out to other governors and asking them to act now. Support Liberty Counsel Action by selecting here or the button below.


Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel Action

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P.P.S. Send a fax to key leaders demanding they do not mandate a vaccine. And sign our petition to these leaders to be delivered at critical moments in this fight against mandatory vaccinations.