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These Documents Raise Serious Concerns

May 19, 2021

Documents from Johns Hopkins and Pfizer raise serious concerns about transmission. The Pfizer protocol document regarding its COVID shot speaks of transmission from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated. It raises a red flag regarding pregnancy, miscarriages and transmission of other adverse reactions. I will explain more below.

We need to stop the rush to force people to get a COVID shot against their will. Demand liberty through your urgent fax to key decision-makers now. —Mat

Three years ago, Johns Hopkins published a paper discussing how to respond to a “severe pandemic” with new technology. It included “self-spreading vaccines.” It explains:

“Self-spreading vaccines are genetically engineered to move through populations like communicable diseases, but rather than causing disease, they confer protection. The vision is that a small number of individuals in a target population could be vaccinated, and the vaccine strain would then circulate in the population much like a pathogenic virus, resulting in rapid, widespread [impact]” (emphasis added).

A second way to “vaccinate” people is by feeding them the vaccine: “Ingestible Bacteria for Vaccination: Bacteria can be genetically engineered to produce antigens in a human host, acting as a vaccine.”

Johns Hopkins is exploring “existing technologies ... that were identified as candidates for inclusion in this report.” Two more technologies it suggests are “genomic sequencing” and “synthetic biology.” Both were used during COVID.

When Pfizer launched its protocol, what it listed is disturbing, “Occupational Exposure” concerns ... meaning the adverse side effects can be transmitted in the workplace from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated.

The most troubling aspect is that Pfizer wants to track “occupational exposure.” This occurs when a person who receives the shot comes into contact with others who have not, thereby transferring the shot’s adverse reactions. Doctors are now reporting unvaccinated women experiencing abnormal bleeding after being exposed to a vaccinated person.

Pfizer is concerned that adverse injection reactions could transmit to others via inhalation, skin contact, sexual contact and bodily fluids!

Despite this serious concern outlined in Pfizer’s own document, the CDC and the FDA have been silent.

We are learning more every day about COVID and these shots. They were developed and deployed in under nine months. We still know nothing about long-term reactions. What we do know and can agree on is that getting these shots must be a freewill decision. Yet, some states and mega corporations are pushing a mandatory vaccine passport.

Stand up and send your fax demanding our governors and federal legislators block Vaccine Passports and Tracking Apps.

Pfizer wants to track the pregnancy outcomes of people in contact with an injected person. Beginning on page 67 of this document, Pfizer reveals its concern:

  • "A female family member or healthcare provider who reports that she is pregnant after having been exposed to the study intervention [person who got the Pfizer shot] by inhalation or skin contact."
  • "Male family member or healthcare provider who has been exposed to the study intervention [person who got the Pfizer shot] by inhalation or skin contact and then exposes his female partner prior to or around the time of conception" (emphasis added).
  • "Spontaneous abortion including miscarriage."
  • "Neonatal deaths that occur within 1 month of birth."

In the case of a miscarriage in a non-injected person physically close to someone who was injected, Pfizer wants to track the status of the miscarried baby. And Pfizer is also concerned about children who are born and wants to monitor their development for a period of time.

Pfizer SHOULD be concerned because, according to the VAERS log, many miscarriages are listed by those who have taken the shots. And those miscarriages just rose 81% from the last two reported weeks (from 152 to 275 miscarriages). This jump happened when the CDC started recommending pregnant women get these shots!

No matter what you think about any of these COVID shots, we should all agree that they should not be mandated. We must never accept a vaccine passport as a condition to live and move about. Tell key governors and legislators to BAN VACCINE PASSPORTS AND TRACING APPS!

In addition, vaccine expert Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, who holds a doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Texas with more than 30 years of scientific experience primarily in toxicology and mechanistic biology, issues a strong warning about these shots:

"There is a credible reason to believe that the COVID vaccines will cross-react with the syncytin and reproductive proteins in sperm, ova and placenta, leading to impaired fertility and impaired reproductive and gestational outcomes." The governors and legislators need to hear from you!

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Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel Action

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