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More States Resist Mandatory Vaccine Passports

Apr 21, 2021

Another state is pushing back against mandatory vaccine passports. I'll also expose another location that demands full vaccination before you go shopping below.

After LC Action reached out to the Arizona governor and provided a sample executive order, Gov. Doug Ducey signed an executive order on Monday banning most mandatory COVID vaccine passports.

Arizona is the fourth state to finalize an official stand against mandatory vaccine passports. Your faxes to these governors are making a HUGE difference!

While we are pleased with the momentum, many more states need to act. Make your voice heard now to demand those governors and legislators protect your free choice. - Mat

The Arizona executive order prohibits all government agencies and private companies that receive government funding from requiring a vaccine passport. While it does not include schools (from daycare to university), Arizona law permits opt-outs for medical, philosophical and religious reasons. Moreover, the federal Emergency Use Authorization law prohibits these COVID vaccines from being forced on people—at least for now.

In addition, the Tennessee Senate passed a bill (26-4) that would ban the state from requiring private businesses to push vaccine passports. Today, this legislation has a hearing scheduled in a House subcommittee.

Tennessee's Republican Gov. Bill Lee has come out against vaccine passports. So also has New Hampshire's governor. When asked, Gov. Chris Sununu (R-NH) responded, "Absolutely not. No way. ... Anyone that's going to mandate a first-trial vaccine really could be potentially asking for trouble, and this is the 'live free or die' state."

So has South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, who tweeted, "Vaccine passports will have no place in South Carolina. The very idea is un-American to its core."

We must speak up now to protect our freedom to work, shop, dine and worship. A tweet is fine, but we need more than a tweet. This momentum should motivate us to push even harder to get these sentiments turned into state directives and executive orders!

But we need your voice to demand that action is taken in these states. Urge governors and legislators to take action to protect freedom with your urgent fax to these decision-makers. Say NO MANDATORY VACCINE PASSPORTS.

But freedom is not for everyone, even in America. A town in Alaska called Kongiganak is demanding that people must be fully vaccinated before they can go shopping inside stores. Even the local gym is closed to anyone who is not fully vaccinated, reported Alaska Public Media (APM).

Harvey Paul, general manager of a local store, told APM that his store is only allowing four people in at a time. Paul said his employees verify a customer is good to enter by checking their name against a list of vaccinated individuals.

"Every couple of days, they'll give us a new list," Paul told an APM reporter. "The list keeps getting bigger and bigger." But if your name is not on that list of verified, fully vaccinated people, then "they can still make phone orders and their orders are delivered to their home." But they cannot set foot inside Paul's store.

This is coercion. "It gives them the incentive, 'Hey look, I better get vaccinated too so I can go to the store,'" Paul told APM.

Communities like this one in Alaska need to have their eyes opened to the incredibly un-American, anti-liberty, oppressive system that they are establishing to force people to do whatever the government decides. Fear replaces freedom.

This is what I have been warning you about for months. And now we are seeing scenes from Communist China play out right here in America! We cannot accept this as the "new normal."

Demand freedom at both levels of government through your urgent fax to these decision-makers. Say NO MANDATORY VACCINE, INJECTION PASSPORTS OR TRACKING AND TRACING APPS.

Thanks to your help in raising awareness and concerns about mandatory vaccines, community leaders are reaching out to us and asking for resources to help fight against these so-called digital health or vaccine passports. We provide sample executive orders to governors and legislators. Now they need to hear from you.

When we began messaging on this concern, no state had taken action. Now four states have said NO MANDATORY VACCINE PASSPORTS. Several other governors have voiced opposition, and several states are considering legislation. The momentum is building. We must keep it going to protect freedom.

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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Send a fax to key leaders demanding they do not mandate a vaccine. And sign our petition to these leaders to be delivered at critical moments in this fight against mandatory vaccinations.


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