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Fauci Knew His Public Statements Were False

Jun 7, 2021

Dr. Anthony Fauci's emails expose shocking lies and deception. The emails show that Fauci didn't believe the data he was using to manipulate the rest of America (and the world) to accept COVID lockdowns!

The result of these lockdowns was hundreds of thousands of businesses closed forever. Domestic and child abuse skyrocketed. Drug and alcohol abuse, depression and suicide mushroomed across America. All while Fauci used numbers he didn't believe to exploit our nation's trust in the medical community and harm America.

At the same time Fauci was pushing lockdowns, he was helping block access to government stockpiles of highly effective medication for COVID while Americans were needlessly dying!

Fauci's lies caused people to die. He must be fired and investigated. Send an urgent fax to Congress to support the legislation that will Fire Fauci and investigate his potentially criminal actions. -- Mat

Dr. Fauci's emails prove that his private words were dramatically different than his public policy rhetoric.

A March 1, 2020, email from Fauci states, "That number seems exceptionally high" (referring to estimates that 500,000 could die from COVID). Yet when the world was watching, Fauci pushed for lockdowns while touting false estimates from the Imperial College London that 2.2 million would die from COVID.

The number publicly pushed by Fauci was 4.4 times HIGHER than the number he privately thought was already too high! Fauci was pushed to lock down America using estimates he knew were false!

The 2.2 million number came from the same group that published estimates that the bird flu could kill 200 million people. However, only a few hundred people died over a six-year period. The real numbers were only about 0.0002% of their estimates. Fauci believed that even a fraction of these numbers was wildly too high, but that didn't stop him from lying to you about his so-called "expert" opinion.

In addition, our government has been manipulating this process at every turn. There have been reports across the whole nation of unrelated deaths being classified at "COVID." Fauci is behind much of this false narrative.

The CDC admitted publicly that the common cold could trigger a positive COVID antibodies test. And in some states, antibody tests were being equated with "new" cases of Fauci's China-made virus. This means if a person tested positive for having recovered from the common cold, and then died, that person could be counted a "COVID" death--even if their death had nothing to do with the virus Fauci illegally funded to create at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Keep in mind that Dr. Harvey Risch, M.D., Ph.D., an epidemiologist and dean at Yale School of Public Health, with more than 300 published medical works, said last year that by refusing to acknowledge the efficacy of treatments using HCQ, about 100,000 people have died needlessly in America. Risch gave this number last fall! This true number is now much higher. There are many, many needless deaths because Fauci refused to acknowledge the effective treatment he already knew!

The blood of these innocent people is indelibly on the hands of Dr. Fauci.

It's time to hold Dr. Fauci accountable for intentionally using models from a group that was fully discredited and which he personally believed were flawed to push his own political agenda.

Call on Congress to take action right now with your fax to every legislator to demand an investigation and their support for legislation that will Fire Fauci.

Against Fauci's intentional lies, studies show lockdowns don't work.

One group tracked the number of cases and deaths caused by Fauci's virus across a four-month period. The Sentinel of the Kansas Policy Institute (KPI) published the following:

"There are 6,791 cases per million in the states that were shut down and 6,073 in the other states," KPI reported. That means that people living in states that shut down were MORE likely to be infected by the virus.

When my team spoke with Dave Trabert, the CEO of KPI, he said when he compared the number of reported cases to the number of deaths in each state, he found that those who got the virus in states that stayed open had a 72.4% lower average mortality rate than people who got the virus in states that were on lockdown.

That means if you contract the virus in a state that was shut down, you were shockingly more likely to die than if you live in an open state. The often-repeated phrase "Stay Home, Save Lives" was a lie--and Fauci knew it.

Fauci lied about his illegal funding of the Wuhan lab that used "gain-of-function" research to create COVID-19, lied about the number of deaths, lied about the efficacy of HCQ to treat COVID and lied about the lockdowns.

It is time for justice for lives lost, businesses destroyed (over 100,000), our communities fractured, our economy crushed and our nation brought to its knees by Dr. Fauci paying to create a virus, and then pushing information he knew was wildly inaccurate.

Send an urgent "FIRE FAUCI" fax to Congress demanding members remove Fauci from office and fully investigate him for criminal misbehavior.

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Mat Staver, Chairman

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