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Shocking Election Comparisons

Jul 6, 2021

The U.S. election process is "worse than almost every nation I've worked in," said an international election security expert in a meeting with our team. And his experience included some of the most corrupt and war-torn Third World countries across the globe!

The election system in America is broken, but there is hope to fix it. Many other nations have. And right now, many states are taking multiple actions to restore the integrity of this process.

However, the U.S. House and Senate are now pushing the "John Lewis Voting Rights Act" (JL Act), which will legalize massive fraud! Biden's Department of Justice (DOJ) will control every minutia of every election. In light of the Supreme Court's decision upholding Arizona's law banning ballot harvesting, Democrats in the House and Senate will frantically push the JL Act.

The House and Senate must NOT pass this bill! Below, I'll share how other nations have defeated election fraud. But first, fax Congress to demand they block this bill and stop election fraud. - Mat

Tim Meisburger is an international election security specialist who has helped to ensure free and fair elections in some of the worst areas of the world. Meisburger has helped reform elections in some of the world's most dangerous places, including Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Philippines, Bosnia, Rwanda, South Africa and Mozambique.

Yet, he says that the election process in America "is worse than almost every nation I've worked in." But what is even more shocking is that Democrats are willing to pay exorbitant amounts to help secure elections in foreign countries, but whine and scream when just a fraction of those same requirements are considered here in the U.S.

Voter verification using iris scan technology was launched in Somaliland almost four years ago. This African nation has a long history of violence, civil war and instability. Yet it used iris scanning to run a clean, peaceful election. This same iris scan technology has been used in Ecuador, Honduras and now Afghanistan.

In fact, you paid for this technology in Afghanistan and elsewhere, which cost billions!

Even Mexico requires voter cards that include city, state, height, weight, age, birth date, gender, a QR code, two bar codes, signature match and even a fingerprint to vote. This ID even includes a digital designation of the voter's birthplace. Election fraud is punishable by five years in prison.

If the poor and downtrodden in Mexico and Afghanistan can manage photo IDs and proof of identification, so can all Americans!

The Democrats' current bill will further destroy election integrity and overwhelm our nation in ballot trafficking, cheating and fraud. Now is the moment to block this. Send your fax and petition to key senators to stop this blatant power grab.

Don't forget that Democrats are also dangling a 6-to-1 matching fund that allows a single senator to collect up to 1.8 billion dollars over six years from the federal government to spend on campaign attack ads and other expenses.

If the JL Act passes, we will lose our freedom. If we block it, we can win. It's that simple.

Democrats cannot overcome the 60-vote filibuster. So, they are trying to sneak an election fraud bill through on a 51-majority vote with the budget reconciliation. We must be incredibly vigilant during the current budget process. This is a ticking bomb. We must defuse it--FOREVER!

Voting is our sacred right, yet Democrats treat it as less important than picking up a library book, boarding an airplane, entering a theme park or picking up a package from the Post Office.

I attended a meeting with Tom Homan, former acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He was livid that Joe Biden has neutralized ICE at our southern border.

There is zero border security, and our southern states are being overrun. At the same time, ICE can no longer detain illegals inside our borders--including criminals, repeat DUI offenders and those ordered to be deported by the courts!

Hundreds of thousands of illegals have crossed the border under Biden. It is very concerning that indications show a large number of these illegals are criminals, a sentiment also shared by Mark Morgan, former acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, who was in the same meeting.

When you combine the flow of illegals over the border with no voter ID and automatic registration of anyone 16 and up, and the Democrats' plan spells the end of freedom and permanent control of our nation by their party.

Voter ID to identify LEGAL voters is basic to secure elections.

Yet, the JL Act will prohibit states from requiring photo ID.

It will also ...

  • AUTOMATICALLY REGISTER any person 16 and above--including ILLEGAL ALIENS.
  • Prevent states from restricting double voting.
  • Allow same-day registration and voting at any precinct.
  • Threaten jail and fines to anyone who questions a voter.

Biden and the Democrat agenda are out to destroy America. WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN. Shout from the rooftops to the senators--STOP the JL Act NOW!

Send your urgent fax to the Senate and demand that the JL Act be stopped before it causes incalculable damage to our nation.

Elections are vital to the survival of America. That's how we got the Trump-appointed Justices who handed down an excellent ruling last week about election integrity. There is hope to win this battle ... if we just don't give up!

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Thank you for your concern and for your action to restore our nation.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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P.P.S. Send a fax directly to both the U.S. House and Senate to urge them to fight against election fraud. And then sign our petition against this bill.


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