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You Won’t Believe What He Said

Jul 15, 2021

An activist leader who attended a meeting with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris admitted on MSNBC why the Democrats must pass the "John Lewis Voting Rights Act" (JL Act). They're even planning riots to pressure Congress to pass this bill.

In Pennsylvania, Biden said the efforts of the states to pass election reform is the "most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War. That's not hyperbole."

Frantically, the Democrats held another hearing this week, and more are scheduled this and next week.

The JL Act would give the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) unchecked power to create separate sets of election rules for Red versus Blue precincts. Your vote will never matter. America will be done.

We must flood the House and the Senate with faxes to demand they fight against this bill to legalize election fraud! Make your voice heard in the House and Senate today. Click here or the button below. - Mat

Melanie Campbell, president and CEO of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, appearing on MSNBC fresh from a meeting with Biden/Harris, said Democrats could NOT win in states that require voter ID where there is equal access to the polls. "We can't simply organize our way out of this," she admitted.

That is a bombshell admission! But it's not surprising. The majority of Americans are NOT Marxists or socialists.

Campbell threatened a summer of riots and protests. "We are going to be in the streets all summer. It is a summer of activism around voting rights. ... We've got to get in good trouble together."

The JL Act will give people like Campbell legal authority to discriminate, intimidate, suppress and dilute the vote of honest Americans. The JL Act will enthrone Biden's DOJ over every minute detail of every election.

The JL Act is worse than HR 1/S 1 because it will empower the Biden DOJ to force everything in that failed bill, and MUCH MORE. We MUST not grow weary. We must continue to be the squeaky wheel to demand members of the House and the Senate STOP the JL Act. Send your urgent faxes now.

Biden is spewing inflammatory rhetoric to divide America. His irresponsible flame throwing will inspire the crazies to repeat the violence we witnessed over the past several months. From the grounds of a famous location of the American Revolution, Biden labeled election integrity reform the greatest threat to "democracy" "since the Civil War" and compared those who support free and fair elections to "Confederates." By the way, America is a republic, not a democracy. No "democracy" form of government has ever survived.

This is classic Marxism to divide between the oppressed and the oppressor, to deconstruct and destroy. He is dangerously pushing class warfare based on race. Biden and the Democrats are willing to bring down America in order to control it.

Biden called election integrity efforts "an assault on democracy, an assault on liberty" and "an assault on who we are." Then he threatened to wield the DOJ Voting Rights Division to "double its size and enforcement staff."

He warned that the moment the JL Act was passed, "I will sign it and [let] the whole world see it."

We cannot allow elections to be controlled by career lawyers in the Deep State DOJ. In 2000, these same DOJ lawyers conspired with Al Gore to help him win the election against George W. Bush. We must stop the JL Act. Send your urgent fax to the House and Senate to demand the JL Act be stopped before it causes incalculable and irreversible damage.

Campbell said the meeting with Biden was "just the beginning" and that destroying the filibuster is an option.

Biden said, "The United States Department of Justice is going to be using its authorities to challenge the onslaught of state laws undermining voting rights in old and new ways."

He plans to file lawsuits--paid for by your tax dollars--against states that are passing election reform laws. Biden opposes voter ID and supports fraudulent ballot harvesting. Imagine having Biden and Harris with total control over every minute election detail, including reapportionment.

Until now, our nation has always said that fraudulent votes shouldn't be counted. But now Biden claims that strengthening our election process is "the most dangerous threat to voting and the integrity of free and fair elections in our history. Never before have they decided who gets to count-- count--what votes count." I have no words!

This JL Act is a landmine. If it explodes, America is done. That is why we cannot rest until this bill is finally killed. I need your help. Click here or the button below to send your faxes to the members of the House and Senate.

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Do not underestimate their resolve to pass the JL Act. Never give up! Together, we can restore an honest election process.

For freedom and truth,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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