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1-in-5 EMS Calls Are Caused by This

Aug 13, 2021

My EMS friend shared that 1 in 5 emergency runs involve someone injured by the COVID shots. Many working the front lines of medical care see the same tragedy. These heroes are being forced to inject the same substance into their bodies or be terminated.

For many nurses and doctors, their work is far more than just a paycheck. Oftentimes it is their ministry. Kicking this woman out of emergency care is the equivalent of defrocking a minister ... or banning a patriot-soldier from the military. This strips men and women of their calling!

They helped us—now it's time for us to help them.

Tens of millions of workers, soldiers and students are very stressed from these unlawful mandates. With your investment in our ministry, together we are helping them! — Mat

Give to LCA today to help stop this injustice.

At the same time fearmongers say that hospitals will "soon" be overwhelmed, they are willing to terminate the very people who daily serve the sick. Of the 23,000 employees in one hospital, more than 80% of the staff do not want the shot. Employees we are helping in another hospital who refuse the shots make up 66% of the staff.

Yesterday, new mandatory injections were announced for all 80,000+ employees plus all contractors, interns and even volunteers in the Department of Health and Human Services.

This is an intense week. We are receiving an incredible number of requests, including:

  • A Puerto Rican mayor who called for help.
  • Governors' staff who are sending people to my legal team.
  • State attorneys general requesting assistance.
  • And individuals like this veteran who said, "I don't want to leave my job because I am single, and I wouldn't be able to afford a home, but I also can't let the government force another experimental drug into my body. Please assist in any way possible."

Help us help these desperate people.

Give to LCA today to help stop this injustice.

There have been more than 545,337 reported adverse reactions to these shots. But there are many other people who did not file a report. My team is repeatedly hearing from people whose entire medical staff refused to fill out the reporting form and from doctors who tried to enter data but their entries would not upload.

Below is one of the many tragic stories:

  • "I had an immediate severe reaction to the shot, difficulty breathing, unable to walk, paramedics were called on site. I decided to go home with friends, not being admitted to a hospital. During the night, I had seizure-type episodes with uncontrolled twitches of arms and legs. My situation worsened over the next few days. ... I went to the emergency clinic because I felt my heart is not going to handle this much longer. ... My BP was extremely low and I could hardly walk. After 5 hours in ER, I was told I could go home ... things would get better within 2-3 days. Unfortunately, they did not. ... It did take me a good 6 weeks until I was able to breathe were I felt comfortable to take my dog for a 15-minute walk. ... The diagnosis I was given read 'Weakness.' I requested my personal GP to make an appropriate entry in my medical records that I suffered a serious adverse Vaccine Reaction to the Moderna Shot, and when I accessed 'MyChart,' I went into the Allergy section and listed the allergy to this Moderna vaccine myself. So, I wonder how many unreported adverse reactions, including death, are not reported. I know of 10 such cases myself, people who suffered silent heart attacks, blood clots, etc."
  • Another shared, "My father in Oklahoma City lost all platelets and spent 2 weeks in the hospital not long after getting the vaccine. He came very, very close to dying. He is home now with complications."

A distraught Jewish nurse in New York City reached out to us. After everything she faced on the front lines for many months, her breaking point came this week—until she received help from us. She had made plans to resign today because of this forced injection mandate. But after hearing from us, she was so encouraged that she decided to stay and fight for freedom.

When we finished our conference call, she told my team, "I feel like I now have hope." Your support allows us to help scores of people.

When you support our ministry, you bring hope to those facing some of the toughest moments. We cannot stay silent while tens of millions of Americans are being forced to take these shots, but we need your support to help us through this flood of requests.

Give to LCA today to help stop this injustice.

You can also raise your voice to our state and federal leaders! We are making a difference!

Send faxes to state and federal lawmakers. Say NO TO MANDATORY COVID SHOTS AND VACCINE PASSPORTS!

Finally, spread the word about Walk Out Wednesday, which we are moving to a weekly event—a national protest against medical tyranny all across the nation.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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