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We Are in an Urgent National Crisis

Aug 21, 2021

My team is hearing distressed cries for help from a flood of people all across America. While each call is a slightly different circumstance, they are all asking for one thing—freedom!

  • My employer is about to fire me and won’t accept my religious exemption.
  • I don’t want a dishonorable discharge, but I also don’t want to subject my body to the COVID shot.
  • I’m in danger of being kicked out of school and unable to complete my degree.

Individuals are being “targeted,” “singled out,” are feeling “under strong duress” and are left “in the dark.” Those are just a few of the ways the people contacting us describe the bullying and harassment they feel in the workplace, in military service or at school over the COVID injections.

Our phones are exploding with emotional calls, texts and messages. Inboxes are barraged with emails and requests are coming in by the hundreds. We need your prayers for both strength and wisdom in these situations!

We are in a unique position to help as we always do—free of charge. We are called for such a time as this! Read on to learn more ...

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At universities across the country, our young people are at risk of not being able to complete their education—all over a shot under limited Emergency Use Authorization. Students are among the many under stress who are contacting us in droves.

One nursing student, who attends a faith-based university in the South, has been threatened with expulsion.

The student, whom we’ll call “Ava,” wrote to tell us her “nursing program is no longer accepting any type of medical or religious waivers for this program that I have worked 2 years of college for. Apart from being last minute, I feel that they have backed me into a corner and have given me no time to react to the situation.”

She received the mandate email from the school and was given just three days to get the shot. Not only that, but the university left her with no option but to subject herself to an unwanted injection.

“The email that has been sent out in relation to the COVID vaccine takes a biased tone with no alternatives listed, not even medical or religious waivers,” she wrote, asking my team for legal counsel.

Ava is in good company. A medical student we’ll call “Madison” recently learned of a policy instituted by the corporation that owns her university. Students must get the shot and are required to use a vaccine passport app to prove their status—or else.

Madison has three good reasons why she is refusing to comply and cried out to us for legal help ...

“This vaccine policy not only infringes on my rights as an American, it also discloses my health information to an unsecure application and to other people, and infringes on my Christian religious beliefs,” Madison writes in advance of her clinical rotation this fall.

Included in her sincerely held religious belief is her conflict with the aborted fetal cell lines used in the development of these shots.

“I am in my second year of medical school, trying to pursue my dream of one day becoming a physician,” she writes. “However, if I do not comply with the new vaccine passport policy proposed by my school, I will be barred from continuing my medical education, of which I am already $200,000 in student loan debt.”

Madison adds, “Thank you for fighting for student's rights!”

Students like Ava and Madison cannot be denied their right to a religious exemption. They just need to know how to fight for this right. That’s where we come in. Help us help people.

Everyone making this decision must understand this fact: Once you put the shot in your body, you don’t know what your future holds. If you succumb to the shot, you may end up on VAERS!

The CDC’s VAERS log reports on adverse reactions and injuries that are likely due to the injection. Believe it or not, VAERS shows more deaths from the COVID shots in eight months—12,366—than deaths from all vaccines combined since 1990!

Getting the shot—or not—is your decision alone!

My legal team has been successful in getting many exemptions even for people who were initially denied. We’ve been able to assist thousands of people in this way, but this is only the beginning.

We are receiving hundreds of requests for help every day. We are working with one point person at an international airline who represents over 2,000 workers who don’t want the shots!

Walking through the halls of our office, I can hear one side of the conversation happening everywhere with people who are pleading for help to keep their jobs or stay in school. Just listening can be emotionally draining. Some of these callers are sobbing.

It now seems that our work fighting our other battles was just a training ground for this even more demanding assignment from the Lord!

Thousands are participating in our conference calls. This is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY! Please help us help these people!

It’s such a blessing to hear from those who are grateful for our help, like these: “I discovered your website yesterday and am deeply grateful for what you do.”

Another wrote, “It was such a blessing and encouragement to listen in to your Zoom meeting presentation last evening.”

And many more come back to us with relieved minds and thankful hearts. Because you stand with us, we can help those in need!

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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