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She Called Us Sobbing

Aug 23, 2021

She called our office sobbing. The hospital just told her husband he was being removed from the kidney dialysis because he refused to get the COVID shots.

This is one of many calls we are receiving from desperate people. Here is another one:

"Just got off the phone with a man who was weeping because he's afraid he will lose his medical insurance or his job, which would cause him to lose medical insurance, and his wife has MS. I hung up and cried." — Suzanne (my assistant)

Millions of Americans are facing a similar crucible right now. We are being flooded with these people pleading with our team for legal help. We are on the front lines defending the fundamental RIGHT to choose what to inject in your body. But we need your help to defend the rights of Americans being forced to get the jab to keep their job, or stay in school, or receive medical care. Then read on to learn about how statistics are a scam. — Mat

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There is zero reason that this jab should be mandatory.

I want to expose how the "safety" and "efficacy" numbers pushed by Joe Biden directly contradict data.

Why these numbers don't add up ...

Data supplied by Israel—one of the most "vaccinated" nations in the world—shows that 64.5% of those hospitalized and 67% of seriously ill people with COVID were "fully immunized" with both shots.

That's according to a report released by the Israeli Ministry of Health on July 20, 2021. It has been reported via Israel Hayom and other international news sources ... but not the American media.

In the U.K., the British Health Ministry reports that 87.2% of active COVID cases are among "fully vaccinated" people. America's media ignored that too.

And in Gibraltar, COVID cases are rising at an alarming rate despite the fact that the British territory (which borders Spain) says its citizens are at or near 100% vaccinated!

Gibraltar leads the world with the most people having received all the COVID shots. In April, a CNN article reported that it was the example to the world.

But over the past couple months, as the graph line of new cases went straight up in Gibraltar, CNN was silent. Like Israel, the U.K. and elsewhere, the data proves that the shots are not preventing infection.

But Biden's CDC strangely contradicts all that data, claiming that the new cases are only happening among the unvaccinated.

Biden and the CDC are using their numbers to force most federal employees and military members and even private employees to all get the COVID shots—or lose everything.

Don't let Biden lie and force people AGAINST THEIR WILL to inject an experimental drug into their bodies. Fund the Fight for Medical Freedom!

Meanwhile, my legal staff is being flooded with pleas for help. Here are a few examples:

  • "I am a Gulf War Veteran and very afraid of the vaccine that I will be mandated to take soon," writes one military man. He says he "can't let the government force another experimental drug into my body. Please assist in any way possible." (emphasis added)
  • "The vaccine killed my sister," wrote another person seeking help.
  • "I've been a correctional peace officer for the prison system for 16 years. I'm four years away from retirement and I absolutely won't take the vaccine, so I'm afraid I might lose my job over this. Is there anything you can do on my behalf?"
  • "I don't want to get the vaccine and I don't want to lose my job. What recourse or options do I have?"

And here are two cases of what this jab did to healthy people:

  • "I am 55 years old … I had a major stroke a month after the vaccine due to a blood clot that my doctor said was caused by the vaccine! Now I require help 24/7 from my family despite being a strong independent man prior to the vaccine."
  • "I have not felt good since June 24th. ... I now fear a lifetime of tests and doc visits to figure this out so I can live a normal life again."


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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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