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These People Are the Most Vulnerable

Aug 27, 2021

Israel is farther down the path of forced injections and digital “vaccine passports.” Even the CDC director is now admitting the “global data” (specifically mentioning Israel) is contrary to the narrative that the shots are “effective.”

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett just announced that people who have received the shots are the “most vulnerable” because the effectiveness of “the second vaccine has faded.”

Bennett admitted these shots are not preventing the Delta variant.

My team is frantically working to help millions of people who don’t want to take these shots. Help us help these people through our Challenge Grant that will DOUBLE the impact of your gift. There is hope to end these forced medical procedures. Help us help people now! —Mat

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In a shocking statement, Israel’s prime minister said, “the most vulnerable population at the moment … are the ones who received two vaccine doses, but not the third dose. … They do not understand that the second vaccine has faded against the ‘Delta.’”

“Every citizen over age 12 who doesn’t have a medical reason not to must go get vaccinated,” Israel’s PM said. Of anyone who refuses, he claims, “They are endangering the entire population.” Then he charged private citizens to become his medical enforcement team. “If you know a vaccine refuser, convince them. Explain to them that they are risking others’ health. … Don’t give up on them.” Finally, he laid the groundwork to blame his next lockdown on the uninjected.

The CDC admitted that the “vaccinated” spread this virus just as easily as the “unvaccinated.” The idea that the uninjected are responsible for the spread is false. We informed you of the global data months ago.

Give to LCA today to stop this tyranny from coming to the USA.

Despite the fact that the injected can spread the virus just as easily, many in America are still being forced to get this jab. My team is helping people in the face of overwhelming pressure. Here are just a few of the thousands of people pleading for our help today:

  • “It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about injecting myself with this vaccine. I feel like my freedom and career are being ripped away from me and everything around me is caving in, causing suffocation. This mandate has brought so much stress in my life. I’ve even looked into leaving family and everything I’ve ever known just to relocate to a state that isn’t mandating. I’ve worked so hard for my nursing career. My passion is to serve and help others in need. I can’t believe it’s all about to come to an end.”
  • One woman wrote pleading for help. “I am overwhelmed and do not know how to proceed.” She is forced to "sign the blatant unethical form." She recovered from cancer but unfortunately said she lost “most of [her] finances” and does “not want to lose [her] job.”
  • “I’m being bullied and threatened, and the workplace is uncomfortable and even more stressful than it was already. I am a single mom with two kids, only income, and it’s not okay to be forced to choose food on my kids’ table or an injection. Please advise how I can fight for my medical freedoms.”
  • … and there are thousands more.

If these emotions weren’t enough, some of my team is involved with saving lives in Afghanistan right now as well. My team is tirelessly fighting for those who need urgent help. We can’t do this alone. Please stand with us through our Challenge Grant to double the impact of your gift today.

It is critical that you realize the magnitude of this battle for freedom.

Forced medical procedures are one of the most horrific violations of human rights.

This is a national emergency. Many of our pilots and flight attendants are telling me the flight safety incidents are increasing due to the stress placed on them to get the shots. One captain will not fly unless in the captain’s seat.

Nurses are being terminated. This is a catastrophic problem.

The risks of these jabs can be very severe:

  • One person’s mother was extremely healthy, according to her doctor. However, her assisted living facility forced this 87-year-old to take the COVID shot. Less than 20 hours later … she was dead.
  • One man got his first Pfizer shot, and “two days later developed a large blind spot in his left eye. He lost all but slight peripheral vision in that eye.” He visited four doctors and underwent multiple tests until one doctor asked when the blindness started in relation to getting the jab. She has “seen multiple cases like this and his eyesight will remain impaired.” She explained in layman’s terms that it is an injection reaction “like a mini stroke.” He refused to report this to VAERS.

Even with many reactions and deaths going unreported, like this blindness, there are 595,620 people with adverse reactions and 13,068 deaths! Many people contacting us don’t want to become the next statistic on VAERS! They are begging for help. We can only help them because of those who support our ministry. Join LCA’s Challenge Grant right now to double the impact of your gift today. Give to LCA today to help stop this injustice.

Our freedom to work, shop, dine, travel and worship must never be dependent on a vaccine passport! Fax state and federal lawmakers. Say NO MANDATORY SHOTS OR VACCINE PASSPORTS.

Thank you for standing with us in these challenging times.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Our Challenge Grant will effectively DOUBLE the impact of your donations! Select here to equip our staff to fight against forced medical procedures. Then send your faxes to key leaders demanding NO MANDATORY SHOTS OR VACCINE PASSPORTS.

Finally, sign our petition.


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