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Health Care Heroes Need You Now

Sep 9, 2021

Medical professionals around the country are feeling abandoned, sounding the alarm on mandatory COVID jabs as they ask us to help them—our frontline heroes—avoid forced shots or termination.

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Nurses are at the heart of the American health care system. These dedicated professionals put their lives at risk every day to care for our injured and ill. But now, their lives and livelihoods are on the line due to Joe Biden’s insane push for COVID shot mandates.

We recently received a call from Danielle, a frontline nurse who wrote to us from North Carolina. She was asking for legal help to avoid her employer’s new mandatory shot policy. “I’m a nurse that belongs to [a] union that has totally blindsided us. We had no idea this would or could happen.”

Another nurse, Betty, has served for over 30 years, but now she will be forced to retire from the job she loves if she does not take the shot.

A CNA (certified nursing assistant) is concerned that so many nurses are being pressured to submit to the shot. After hearing one of my media interviews, she feels less alone in her dilemma.

“There are thousands of nurses about to take this vaccine against their will so they can continue supporting their families,” she writes. “And it's not right.”


My team is representing doctors, nurses and other medical personnel at one of the country’s largest hospital systems with over 23,000 employees. More than 80% of the staff do not want the shots, with the vast majority being African American or Hispanic. The African American community has a history of suffering adverse reactions from prior vaccine mandates.

These frontline heroes have a LEGAL RIGHT to REFUSE the SHOTS.

Doctors, nurses and other health care workers have been treating patients since the beginning of the pandemic. They worked without the shots. They must not be forced to take them now against their will!

Help us help these health care heroes.

Why are these nurses so desperate? Another nurse explains ...

In only four months, one nurse reported she witnessed two spontaneous abortions, one stroke, two cases of complete body paralysis, a partial paralysis, two spontaneous deaths and six cases of severe shedding of the uterine lining and tissue. The nurse says, “This is dangerous.”

There is a common theme among all these patients experiencing adverse effects—and they all had the shots. These injuries match the now hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions that have been reported to the CDC VAERS website.

As of August 27, 650,075 COVID shot injuries, 56,912 hospitalizations, 18,098 permanent disabilities and 13,911 deaths have been reported to VAERS—more adverse reactions than any other shot in history!

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“There are a lot of patients being injured,” another registered nurse shares. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

This RN personally witnessed six people die from taking COVID shots. Post-injection patients are experiencing “urinating clots of blood, paresthesia (burning or prickling sensation), gastroparesis (stomach stops processing food), altered mental status, respiratory arrest, cardiac arrests, new onset seizures and new onset diabetes,” she says. “I have patients who can’t walk anymore.”

All because of the very same shots Biden and other tyrants want to force on every American, no matter the disastrous human collateral.

These medical heroes bravely stood on the front lines when no one else would. They risk their lives every day for us. Now we must stand for them by defending freedom for all.

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Thank you and may God bless you!

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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