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Help Is On The Way

Oct 13, 2021

Liberty Counsel Action has been providing assistance and critical information for a MASSIVE lawsuit being filed this week. This class action lawsuit is against Biden and his administration on behalf of military members, federal employees and federal civilian contractors against forced COVID injections.

A successful ruling will protect not just the millions in the class, but Count I in the suit on Emergency Use Authorization will protect every person in America. This is a huge undertaking.

Our attorneys continue to assist with the overwhelming number of individuals pleading for help. And I do mean pleading!

Our staff is working long hours and late nights. The emotional toll is taxing because the circumstances of so many are dire and bring our team to tears.

But God is sustaining us through your prayers. And your financial support is critical to help us have the resources to win these battles for freedom in America! With LCA’s Challenge Grant, you can DOUBLE the impact of your gift. Give to LCA today to help end these mandates. —Mat

Members of the military, employees in every sector, including such critical sectors as health care and airlines, all face doomsday deadlines to get the jab or lose their job.

Military members cannot just quit. For merely submitting a religious exemption request, they are being threatened with solitary confinement. That is enough to make anyone go crazy. And if that weren’t bad enough, then they will face dishonorable discharge.

One military member asking for help said, “I have fellow soldiers who work with leadership who have told me that in meetings, the leadership has said they are going to deny all exemptions. I was told yesterday by my lieutenant that they have approved zero exemptions so far. And now they want me to answer more questions regarding my religious views despite turning in my religious exemption paperwork.”

His commanding officers “singled out everyone who isn’t vaccinated to the entire unit via email.” He said they were told forced vaccinations are coming to the Midwest next month. His unit was instructed to "have your documentation [of the shot] or be prepared to get the vaccine” next month.

In addition, his unit emailed a document that included the first name, last name and rank, and if partially injected, any personal reactions to the injection, what date they received the first dose. The only people listed had received zero doses, and only one other person had one dose. “That’s our medical information they just blasted to EVERY single person in our unit! [This is] intimidation and a HIPAA violation.”

Time is running out. We must help these desperate people. We will not abandon them. Help us serve these precious people with your gift today.

Military members are reaching out to us with shocking reports from as far away as South Korea and other locations. One told us, “I work on a military base in [country] which already has separated individuals by status—vaccinated and unvaccinated. Unvaccinated are unable to use base facilities such as gyms, pools, athletic clubs. Also, unvaccinated military personnel are restricted to base.”

He goes on, “Civilians and military on overseas bases … have no representation from any political entities such as Congress. It is de-facto martial law” among our service members.

“I believe it violates my religious beliefs due to the use of aborted fetal tissue in the so-called vaccines … if necessary, I will be part of any litigation if required and will eventually go public. I am a supervisor and will likely be expected to enforce the mandate in addition to submit to it. I will do neither.”

These jab mandates are hurting military readiness and stressing those who are on the front lines of defending our nation from some of the greatest threats worldwide!

These shots are not safe; more than 16,000 have died after receiving the shots. One woman identified as D.R. shared on Sept. 3 that her “healthy husband … died very suddenly” just 13 days after his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. She says of the cause, “I will never really know. All I know is that he had good health prior to the vaccine … People MUST start speaking up—something has to change.”

A 53-year-old woman got a Moderna shot on Aug 24. Five days later, she stopped breathing and was admitted to the hospital. Soon afterward, she died.

These COVID shots are life-or-death decisions. They should be the choice of each individual! I need your help. No one should be forced to take these shots. DOUBLE your gift with our Challenge Grant.

We have a victory to share with you. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott just issued an executive order that prohibits all shot mandates in his state by employers or individuals. This is freedom! His recent order says “no entity” can force any person to take the shots. After a steady flow of your faxes to state governors, we are seeing a growing number of them taking a stronger stand against forced medical procedures.

Key leaders need to stand up and keep pushing back against mandatory jabs. Demand freedom through your urgent fax to key decision-makers.

I am grateful for how you and others across America are helping equip our team for this critical moment.

Thank you,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Send a fax to key leaders to say NO MANDATORY COVID SHOTS OR VACCINE PASSPORTS. And then sign our petition to these school administrators to be delivered at critical moments in this fight against mandatory vaccinations. Then join


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