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Stop It Now or This Is What Will Happen

Oct 23, 2021

The COVID shot mandates are not about health and safety, but about CONTROL. If we don’t stop this insanity, what happened to a Canadian pastor will come to America. A judge has ordered this pastor to preach on “science” if he wants to remain free. The judge even provided the pastor with what to use in his sermons— if he wants to stay out of jail! "I am aware that the views I am expressing to you may not be held by medical experts ... the majority of medical experts favor social distancing ... vaccine programs."

Born in Poland, Pawlowski lived under Communism until it fell when he was 16 years old. He keenly recognizes tyranny, and he is willing to fight it. This should be a wake-up call to Americans about what is at stake. If this COVID coup against our freedom is unchecked, our nation will see evil like we cannot imagine. In fact, that evil is already here.

This is why we are assisting three massive lawsuits against government intrusion on your freedom. People are desperate for help. You can DOUBLE the impact of your gift through the Challenge Grant today. —Mat

Every day we hear from more military members who face unimaginable abuse and threats. Here’s what a few have shared with my team:

  • “I am not taking this mandated experimental vaccine. … This is opposed to my religious beliefs and more!”
  • “My son is fighting for our freedom as a Marine. All this time he has refused the vaccine, but in the next few weeks, they told him he will have no choice because it has been mandated. Please help these military people who put their lives on the line for our country.”
  • “He loves serving his country, he loves his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and he wants to obey and respect his employer. But he is absolutely against the mandated COVID vaccine and wonders how and if he can reject it when the time comes ... Can you advise what he should do?”
  • One Vietnam veteran was told “if he continues to refuse to take the COVID vaccine, then they can take away his pension,” and he would have nothing left on which to live.
  • And so many others who are reaching out to us now.

Although they come to us without hope, we give them hope. The lawsuit we are assisting on has empowered many to stand against these mandates. No one should face the kind of abuse and threats we hear every day!


In addition to the military, we are helping tens of thousands of people in every state. These shot mandates are creating critical shortages among law enforcement, health care workers, teachers, airline pilots, flight attendants and more.

Each one has their own compelling story. Many feel betrayed, dishonored by the country they serve or the employers they served for years.

  • “Please help us understand if there are any laws, U.S. or international, that prevent forced medical experimentation or vaccination.”
  • Denver’s mayor announced he was mandating the COVID-19 shot for all city employees and contractors. In addition, any “religious exemption must be signed by one’s religious leader.”
  • “After submitting my request, a week later I received a letter stating my request does not qualify for a Religious Exemption. DENIED. I believe it was wrong to mandate a vaccination for all employees. I believe it was wrong to deny my request.”
  • “I have worked for DSHS for 20 years. I want to fight the mandate.”

Stand with us so we can stand with these precious people pleading for help. We receive many positive responses from people we helped get religious exemptions. But the need is overwhelming. You can help by giving a monthly recurring donation or a one-time gift. Our Challenge Grant will effectively DOUBLE the impact of your donation.

The data shows that these shots are not effective in preventing COVID. Breakthrough cases after these jabs are increasingly common. In New Jersey, there have been nearly 26,000 COVID-positive cases among those fully injected. More than 500 of these were serious cases that required hospitalization.

In the nation of Israel, 59% of cases were in people who were “fully vaccinated.” In fact, there are “so many breakthrough infections that they dominate and most of the hospitalized patients are actually vaccinated,” says Uri Shalit, a bioinformatician at the Israel Institute of Technology.

New data just came out in Australia where the “vaccinated” account for 95% of hospitalizations for COVID. That’s right, if you combine both fully and partially injected persons in the state of Victoria (78% from fully injected plus 17% from partially injected people) that accounts for 19 of 20 cases in the hospital with COVID!

The CDC VAERS report of adverse events grows by leaps and bounds each week. As of Oct. 15, 818,042 people had adverse reactions to the COVID shots. Of those, there were 83,412 hospitalizations, 24,805 permanent disabilities, 2,631 miscarriages and 17,128 deaths.

Pray for our team and for the tens of thousands who are pleading for help.

Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. In addition to DOUBLING the impact of your gift through our Challenge Grant, you can also fax state and federal lawmakers. Say NO MANDATORY SHOTS OR VACCINE PASSPORTS. Then sign our petition.


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