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The Pressure Is Endangering Lives

Oct 30, 2021

“I need your help!!” one person wrote asking for help against COVID shot mandates. “I don’t want to go against my religious beliefs. I have been placed on administrative leave … I don’t want to lose my job of 31 years.”

“Please help,” another wrote, “represent me, guide me and counsel me. There are many of us at our company that do not want it.”

Military chaplains fear suicide rates will increase. A Denver police officer who feared losing his job took the jab. Now he can barely walk. Flight safety incidents are increasing because pilots are distracted. This is life and death for the people asking for our help. The ongoing intensity is hard to communicate.

Some face the end of a career they spent decades building; others have children to feed and can’t see another way to provide for them. Others are on the brink of retirement; they suddenly face uncertainty as their savings are held hostage by their employer. If they are in the military, they are facing jail and dishonorable discharge.

Our staff is stretched, and our budget is expanding to try to meet as many critical needs as we can. When you partner with us, you make it possible for us to help countless more people. The impact of your gift will be DOUBLED through our Challenge Grant. — Mat

Liberty Counsel Action is providing critical support and organizational assistance on multiple lawsuits right now, including in Maine, New York and Illinois and in a nationwide lawsuit against Joe Biden on behalf of our military, federal employees and federal civilian contractors. I will update you soon on the impact of our critical case out of Maine.

One of these plaintiffs helped lead an “emergency use authorization” (EUA) effort in the military before COVID. This Navy senior chief petty officer underwent special certification training to be involved and shared what the EUA used to mean for service members:

Pre-COVID, he “was required to conduct an hour-long brief to all eligible personnel of the risks, benefits and right to refusal of the EUA product. The program placed heavy emphasis on the impropriety of coercive tactics to obtain ‘consent.’ Impeccable documentation was required, all personnel had to be afforded consent, all consents had to be legible, contain addresses, contain witnessed signatures, with formatting and dates matching. Audits were regularly conducted so any improper documentation that failed to meet this stringent standard was returned and required to be immediately resubmitted.”

Now, all available COVID shots are under this exact same EUA. Even the FDA, the NIH and my own team’s research show that no FDA-approved shot is currently available. However, those we represent in this lawsuit are being illegally forced to take the shot.

Members of the military are being told to fall out of line and are illegally given an order to get the shots. Anyone daring to ask for a religious exemption is being threatened with DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE!

The shots are neither safe nor effective. A study of 600,000+ people showed that Johnson & Johnson’s “protection against infection had declined to: 3%.”

We are giving hope to these military heroes and to millions more who desperately need our help. When you give to our ministry, you empower us to help others. They fight for us. We will fight for them. Help us help these heroes, and DOUBLE your gift with our Challenge Grant.

The litigation we are assisting is moving at lightning speed. Yesterday, there was an emergency hearing on a class action suit in Illinois on behalf of health care workers. The Maine case raced to the Supreme Court in a matter of weeks. And the class action lawsuit on behalf of military members, federal employees and civilian contractors is set for hearing Nov. 15. The workload is crushing.

In addition, we continue to hear from an overwhelming number of people who are at their wit’s end. They can’t eat or sleep. They’re weeping because of the stress and pressure of the forced COVID shots.

Time is quickly running out. The deadlines are somewhat deceptive. When the deadline, say for federal employees and contractors, is Nov. 22, that means the first Pfizer or Moderna shot was due Oct. 18. The deadline for the final shots and the single shot for J&J is Nov. 8. When these mandates say the person has to be fully “vaccinated” by a certain date, it means the last shot must have been received at least two weeks prior to the deadline.

The window to STOP THE MANDATES is quickly closing. We are overwhelmed with the volume and the intense emotions of the tens of thousands of people who reach out to us. HELP US HELP THESE DESPERATE PEOPLE. DOUBLE your gift with our Challenge Grant. Help STOP THE MANDATES.

There are strict rules on all “gene therapy” that includes the Pfizer and Moderna COVID jabs. Anyone who undergoes gene therapy must be placed on a “15-year regulatory cycle with annual visits for safety evaluation by the research sponsors,” as cited in our lawsuit. But no known follow-ups are currently scheduled.

Forced injections of an EUA shot that includes gene therapy with no follow-up evaluations violate the law.

The lawsuit on which Liberty Counsel Action is providing assistance is taking these illegal behaviors to court and demanding that religious exemptions be respected!

We have had many successes. One of the many thank-you notes we’ve received said, “I was just notified that my religious exemption has been APPROVED!!! Huge thank you for all of your help!!!!”

Your support is what makes the difference between the pleas for help and the thank-you letters of success. Your monthly recurring donation or a one-time gift to our organization today can, thanks to our Challenge Grant, be DOUBLED in impact to continue helping others.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Make your voice heard to key leaders with your own fax straight to their desks demanding an end to Vaccine Passports. Finally sign our petition. And forward this email to your friends who care about knowing the truth.


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