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Maine Case Even More Urgent

Nov 2, 2021

Our fight against COVID mandates is moving at lightning speed. On Friday, the Supreme Court chose not to grant extraordinary relief for an injunction pending a full review of the case. But the case on behalf of more than 2,000 Maine health care workers is far from over.

Also on Friday, in another case we are assisting, a federal judge issued a restraining order against NorthShore University HealthSystem on behalf of Illinois health care workers.

The intensity of the fight increases every day as the deadlines approach. And it makes Liberty Counsel Action’s direct assistance on this case even more critical to stop a mass termination of thousands of health care workers in Maine this week.

“My hospital system is denying my request for religious exemption,” wrote one health care professional. “Despite 8 separate requests for rationale.”

“I was terminated yesterday,” another one wrote us.

“I pray someone can help me save my job,” a third wrote.

The governor is even denying them unemployment benefits!

There are many more like these that keep pouring in every day! We need your help to help them. Your support will be DOUBLED by our Challenge Grant. — Mat

In 2019, even before COVID, Maine had a critical shortage of health care workers. One article assessing the issue said that “facilities with high patient-to-nurse ratios had higher risk-adjusted patient death and failure-to-rescue rates than those who had more nurses.”

These health care staff shortages are DEADLY to those needing care. Since 2019, the shortage has become even more dire. Some left the profession during COVID. The brave ones who remained were called “super heroes.” Now they face termination for refusing the shots.

One of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit we are assisting on was recruited to Maine from another state with a hefty signing bonus. This health care hero and her family moved to Maine in 2020. A few weeks ago, the hospital terminated this nurse because of the order from Gov. Mills—and the hospital is also demanding our client repay her signing bonus.

Another nurse I’ll call Sarah* juggles three positions between two hospitals and a kidney dialysis center. She has been working the front lines during COVID, even when she was pregnant. Now Sarah is pregnant again, but one of the locations where she works is demanding she get injected and denied her request for a religious exemption—because of the governor’s order.

Her husband wrote: “We are fearful that if our religious exemption keeps being denied that we will NOT be able to provide for our 2 children. ... We may also lose the house. We are STRESSED ... We need help.”

This is a life-or-death decision for this young family.

Tens of thousands of people need our help. My team is also short on sleep and is exhausted from the emotional toll of the havoc Joe Biden is wreaking on these people. But we cannot turn away from these critical, overwhelming needs. We will keep working with every ounce of strength God gives us.

These injections are connected to thousands of miscarriages and other serious outcomes. A 37-year-old pregnant woman got the Pfizer jab on a Wednesday and was cramping by Friday. Her baby’s death was confirmed two days later.

A 28-year-old woman was “12 weeks pregnant with twins at the time of vaccination.” She said, “2 days before the vaccine, I had an appointment with my doctor, and they said they were healthy [and] I had no complications.” About 12 hours after getting the Pfizer jab, "one of the babies [sic] bag broke. I went to the ER. They did bloodwork and an ultrasound. They sent me back home. I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor … she said I will most likely end up having a miscarriage.”

A 30-year-old mother got the first Pfizer jab at 6 weeks pregnant. One week later, she lost her child and developed Bell’s palsy. The report said, “the events required emergency room visit and physician office visit ... The patient outcome of the events [has] not recovered.”

During the week of August 21, 511 miscarriages were reported after this injection. In total, more than 2,500 miscarriages have been reported after these injections. In addition, more than 14,000 women reported “menstrual disorders” and 1,000 men reported “testicular pain/swelling” after these shots.

These jabs should never be forced on anyone—especially expectant or nursing mothers! The children lost to miscarriage never had the choice. They never consented to the risks. Yet their lives were sacrificed to this unlawful forced injection. Nearly 90% of nurses and more than 75% of teachers are women who are being forced to take these jabs.

These mandates threaten life and liberty in a way we have never seen! Fight against MANDATORY SHOTS and VACCINE PASSPORTS by standing with Liberty Counsel Action today.

Tomorrow, I’ll update you on the good news coming out of Illinois.

In addition to your prayers and support, you can also send faxes demanding NO MANDATORY COVID SHOTS OR VACCINE PASSPORTS! Select here or the button below.

Many state leaders who are receiving these faxes are starting to push back. Now is the time to encourage them to take action!

Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. If you haven’t already, send urgent faxes to key leaders today. Then sign the petition to demand NO MANDATORY COVID SHOTS OR VACCINE PASSPORTS.


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