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Actually . . . It IS Rocket Science

Nov 12, 2021

Jack* works for a rocket launching company. As a government contractor employee, he helps with NASA and the Department of Defense (DOD) projects. Jack has played a key part in successfully launching 60-70 rockets that are some of “the largest and most powerful in the industry.”

I’ll explain why Jack is one of only two people who can do his job. However, Joe Biden decided that Jack’s vaccination status is more important than his rocket building skills. His story (below) is one we helped present before a judge in the case of Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden.

The judge ordered the DOD to submit an extensive response today before the hearing on Monday. This means our team will be helping process a large amount of information this weekend.

This battle is intense and is not letting up. Already over 850,000 people have watched the video I created on religious exemptions, and they are reaching out to our team and pleading for help. We need your help! Your support will be DOUBLED by our Challenge Grant. —Mat

Jack discovered welding in high school, and he has been honing his skills ever since. “It has become a lifelong passion of mine to perfect my skill set and to be the best I can be,” he said. Years of practice have prepared Jack for his current job.

On welding for rocket launching, Jack must use stainless steel, which is significantly more difficult to work with, and his product must be precise. A minor variation can spell disaster. If his work does not pass inspection (like other welders before Jack), it costs the company half a million dollars and time delays.

However, if his work fails mid-air, “the typical multimillion-dollar payload will be destroyed or not delivered to its destination, wasting the costs of the rocket itself.” The rockets Jack works on are valued between 100 million and 160 million dollars each! Jack’s work is incredibly valuable, and he has an excellent track record of zero problems.

But now, his work is in jeopardy because of Biden’s mandate. Jack shared that at his company, “Only a few medical exemptions have been allowed temporarily, with all religious exemption requests denied. I turned in both a religious and a medical exemption, and was denied on both.”

Then Jack reached out to my team and asked for help. His story is another one we are helping share with the judge to urge him to stop the mandates and certify the class action to protect all members of the military, federal employees and civilian contractors like Jack.

Help us win this fight. Join us in this battle today with your donation that will be DOUBLED through our Challenge Grant.

Jack’s company tried to claim that if it continued to operate as it has over the past year (before vaccines became available and while they were still voluntary), this would suddenly be an “undue hardship” to them.

Under pressure of the mandates, the company wrote, “Factors that contribute to the undue hardship include, but are not limited to: the high volume of requests to accommodate that qualified under the sincerely held belief.” (emphasis added)

The company admits these employees have sincerely held religious beliefs and that they “qualified” for accommodation. But, because there were “high volumes of requests,” the company denied everyone!

For being rocket scientists, these company leaders aren’t very bright when it comes to protected religious freedom. We are helping take this fight for freedom straight to federal court.

The mandates are purging Christians and people of faith from the marketplace. This MUST stop! NO ONE SHOULD BE FORCED TO GET THE SHOTS. Help us give hope to the tens of thousands of people who desperately need our help!

You might have missed a critical piece of this puzzle. China just built a ground-based missile system that can hit and destroy satellites in orbit. Because this is a recent technology, there is nothing officially in place to protect our satellites. They are extremely vulnerable to attack.

In addition, our GPS and satellite guidance systems are run on a separate program than China’s GPS system, so if our system were to go down, it would not affect China’s military technology.

If China uses this new capability, it would be critical to have experts like Jack if we must launch a new satellite on a shortened timeframe. What if a new employee replaced Jack and that person’s work failed, ruining a 160 million-dollar rocket? Even worse, if our nation has to start over from scratch to try to launch a new rocket to restore our navigation systems?

Not only do these injection mandates affect the religious and medical freedom of Americans today, but they also affect the safety of our nation.

We will be working through the weekend to help prepare for this case, and we ask for your prayers for strength and wisdom.

This case is just one of many we are assisting. We are assisting tens of thousands of people who desperately need our help.


Your support helps us give hope and freedom to the millions of armed service members and employees. Help us STOP the mandates!

You can also send faxes to state and federal lawmakers to say NO MANDATORY COVID SHOTS AND VACCINE PASSPORTS!


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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*Name has been changed for privacy.


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