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They Are Close to Eliminating the Filibuster

Jan 20, 2022

Yesterday, at 10:30 PM the U.S. Senate blocked the election fraud bill from passing. Thank you for making your voices heard! Because of your prompt support and love for this country, we won this skirmish on election integrity. But this temporary victory is just the beginning of the Democrats' plan to steal future elections and silence your vote.

Don’t let up.

This floor debate and vote was designed to set up their next move—eliminate the filibuster completely or turn into what Democrats have coined a “talking fili­­­buster” that lasts only a limited time. Either option will open the floodgates for this radical group to pass their destructive agenda.

Even before this vote yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer laid out his real goal. Destroying the filibuster will allow Democrats to pass every bill they want – from socialism, to abortion, to the “Equality Act,” to open borders, and more.

Now is the time to stop them. Like a boxer who has gotten the upper hand, we cannot stop fighting while the opponent is still standing. Losing this battle is a loss from which we cannot recover. Make no mistake, the election fraud bill is still a danger. It is still only one vote from passing either by reconciliation or by a rule change of the filibuster option.

Your urgent faxes to the Senate are critical before they permanently destroy fair elections. —Mat

One of the most vital aspects of American politics is the balance of power and the voice of the minority. But that is what is under attack right now.

Both Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) have publicly come out in favor of this combination election fraud bill, HR 5746. The question before us is if they support it enough to eliminate the filibuster in order to pass it.

Democrats are pushing what they are calling a “talking filibuster” which erases the vote, and only delays a bill as long as someone can talk against it. This will eliminate the 60-vote rule and pass bills out of the Senate with a simple majority—51 votes—which Democrats currently hold.

Already, the media has reported that Manchin appears to support some changes to the filibuster. The remaining person who appears to stand in the path of unlimited election fraud and every other radical bill Democrats have been pushing for the last year is Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ).

We must hold these senators accountable. Demand that election fraud be blocked and for the Senate to protect the filibuster before it is too late.

We warned a year ago that Sen. Schumer would fight to bring this to the Senate floor and that is exactly what happened this week.

This battle is far from over. Democrats are NOT done fighting for election fraud. The latest head count shows that Senate Democrats only need one more vote to reach the 51 needed to change these rules and pass this election fraud bill.

Democrats are dangling millions of dollars for reelection campaigns in front of Democrat and Republican senators. This bill will give each senator up to 1.8 billion dollars for their reelection budget. I can’t even imagine the number of fake attack ads that amount of money would produce.

Real progress is being made through comprehensive election reform laws in Florida, Georgia, Texas and in more than a dozen other states! Most state legislatures have started their 2022 legislative session and additional election integrity bills will be passed.

But HR 5746 would stop this progress in the states. This is a huge land mine that could blow up the Republic. While we placed a roadblock in the path of this dangerous bill, we must not rest until it dies in the Senate. Send your urgent faxes to the Senate and demand that HR 5746 be stopped, and the filibuster be preserved before radicals destroy our nation.

There are several alternative paths forward for Democrats on this bill. The most likely is to eliminate the filibuster and then pass HR 5746 with a simple majority.

Another option is to get the Senate clerk to categorize it as a budget bill and then use budget reconciliation to pass it, which also only requires 51 votes.

The other option is unanimous consent of whichever senators are on the floor at that moment. So, if Democrats can find a time when Republicans are not on the floor in the early hours of the morning, HR 5746 can pass.

All three paths only need the support of 51 votes. Fax senators to block HR 5746.

Our presence on Capitol Hill is critical as we monitor these threats and work with members of Congress.

LC Action is fighting this attack on the filibuster. Their entire agenda could pass this year if the filibuster is changed: socialism, abortion, big government, the LGBTQ agenda, open borders, and more!

We can only stand in the gap because of your support. Each month, we rely 100% on the support of people like you to continue fighting these battles. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of LC Action or sending a one-time gift today.

I encourage you to pray and fight for this bill to be blocked. If HR 5746 passes, we will lose America. Free and fair elections are the foundation of a free people.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. To sign a petition against these election fraud bills, select here.


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