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EXCLUSIVE: Feds Track Religious Employees

Feb 2, 2022

Our exclusive report shows the government is setting up a massive database across 55 federal departments and agencies to permanently record and track certain people of faith who are submitting religious exemptions. I’ll share the chilling details below.

Make your voice heard to oppose these dangerous federal tracking lists. Send faxes to these departments and to Congress, which has an active bill to block this now. —Mat

LC Action uncovered at least 57 rule changes in 55 federal departments and agencies that have launched a new, permanent government database to track religious employees and applicants who request any exemptions. In some agencies, the religious exemption requests are not limited to the COVID shots. The list is tracking any request for religious exemptions.

These lists will create an entire dossier on each religious person.

The Treasury Department states it will document all requests and denials and track the “informal dispute resolution” of each person. It will also record “correspondence,” “supporting notes and documentation” and even “records of oral conversations” on every person who requests an exemption ... permanently.

This is huge, but it doesn’t stop there!

The largest branch in the U.S. military, the Army, was the first department we found launching this new program in April 2021. They are not content to just record the “religious preference” of their staff. They are pairing that information with biometric data like fingerprints and digital photographs.

While 50 departments and agencies have already created this database, five federal departments are in an open public comment period regarding this database. They need to hear from you right away. There are only a few days left to stop this in some departments.

In addition, there also is a short bill called the “Religious Freedom Over Mandates Act” (HR 6502) that, if passed, will reverse this name gathering.

This is a very serious threat to freedom in our nation. We need to reverse and erase this permanent federal database tracking and recording the conversations of religious employees!

I urge you to send faxes right away. These departments and members of Congress must act now to stop this dangerous database.

While there are variations in the language between these 55 departments and agencies, all of them will track everyone who gets an exemption. Fifty-five of them say they will specifically track religious exemptions.

I want to be clear—this is not just a COVID-19 policy. NASA states this new database will “significantly alter a previously noticed system of records.”

This database will usher in a new system that is monitoring and recording ALL CURRENT AND FUTURE federal employees who live out their faith.

Think back in history about what IBM did for Hitler in Germany. IBM created a database of Jewish people in Europe. Using this database, the government was able to identify the Jews and then prohibit them from public and then private employment. This database is what enabled Nazis to round up these targeted people for ghettos and concentration camps.

The Holocaust was possible because Hitler first created a database of those he classified as “undesirables” on account of race or religion.

Now, the federal government has started its own database on American people of faith. We cannot allow this to happen. Our government needs to hit a brick wall of opposition now!

Tell Congress and these federal departments to permanently erase this database with your urgent faxes.

For now, this is a database that begins with people of faith who request religious exemptions from the shots. Some politicians and radicals are calling such people to be denied employment, prohibited from purchasing groceries or attending outdoor events, and even be locked in their homes.

That is the opposite of freedom.

You are tyranny’s greatest threat—if you choose to make your voice heard in Congress and the executive branch demanding freedom. Throughout history, people of faith have always stood in opposition to tyranny as a beacon of hope to their communities.

We cannot allow this database to grow at the fingertips of tyrants. It’s time to remind our government that “We the people” are not slaves or serfs or cattle to be categorized and tagged and tracked. Send a clear message reverberating down the halls of Congress and these departments with your urgent faxes today.

I want to remind you of what we saw with shot mandates. Service members, federal employees and civilian contractors were forced to get the shots by Biden’s mandates. Then individuals at companies with 100 or more employees, and then health care workers.

Our service members and federal employees who seek religious exemptions are now being logged and tracked. Even their verbal conversations are being entered in these databases. We only have to look to China to see the level of tracking and tracing these radicals use as their model. They hope to grow this database to include every person in America. If we are silent, we are letting them get away with it!

This takes the attacks on our freedom through a “Vaccine Passport” to a whole new level! LC Action will vigorously fight back. We rely 100% on the donations of our supporters to continue this work to restore our freedom. Support our efforts today and through our Challenge Grant you will DOUBLE the impact of your monthly recurring gift or a one-time donation to strengthen our voice on Capitol Hill.

I encourage you to help us spread the word by forwarding this email to likeminded friends and then join me in prayer and action for our nation.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. You can also sign our petition to these leaders to be delivered at critical moments in this fight against a "religious" database.


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