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America Must Not Become Like Canada

Feb 22, 2022

It is beyond belief what we are seeing in Canada. The Canadian Mounties used horses to trample a disabled woman and another peaceful protester. Their police are firing gas canisters point blank, even at a known and identified female media reporter—all on video.

Publicly, the police are denying their behavior, even when caught on camera, while privately, reports have surfaced of the police celebrating this violence against the elderly and disabled.

Canada is on the cusp of a Tiananmen Square moment. Its prime minister declared martial law. Some might think this couldn’t come to America, but the template has already been laid in our country.

It is time to tell our elected officials to protect freedom and Stop the Mandates! Make your voice heard today. Fax Congress and our state leaders with your urgent demands to erase these mandates and protect our freedom right now. — Mat

In Canada, the Parade Mounties have been reassigned to target and attack the protesters. The Mounties trotted horses through the crowd of peaceful protesters ramming people and trampling them.

One woman, a native tribal Mohawk, was there for “peace and love” and ended up under these horses’ hooves.

A reporter was beaten repeatedly with police batons and shot with a large canister of gas point-blank in the leg. Then the police surged forward to her position to grab the remains of the canister off the street, so the only evidence is the video.

Another woman asked the police if she could go get a coffee. They threatened her with arrest, asked, “Why is there a camera in my face?” then grabbed her camera phone and proceeded to yell at and threaten this woman.

This is outrageous. “Only dictators trample citizens with horses to ‘keep you safe,’” said one reporter.

Here in America, Joe Biden’s administration just extended its own “emergency orders” for the eighth time. More than two years after issuing the first emergency order, there is nothing “emergency” about it. It is time to stand up against our own tyranny and demand these mandates become the past history of a free people.

Act Now to send faxes straight to congressional and state leaders to demand the end of these emergency orders and mandates.

What is truly shocking is how the Mounties appear to be celebrating this violence and even laughing about it! In a group chat, one texted, “just watched the horse video … that is awesome we should practice that manoeuvre (sic).” Another responds, “Agreed!”

Another made light of the brutality: “Time for the protesters to hear our jackboots on the ground.” Also pictured are the police relaxing and eating in one of the most expensive hotels in the area (up to $450/night) with the caption “#heroes.”

While I respect the police, the thugs trampling these peaceful protesters are not heroes.

Deeply concerning is what is actually behind this police brutality. Canada’s prime minister is working to make permanent this new, heightened government surveillance. This is exactly the tracking and surveillance I have been warning you about from the beginning. This is about tyranny and dictators.

It doesn’t stop there. The hacker who claimed responsibility for breaching the U.S.-based Christian company GiveSendGo describes himself on video as a “famous f***** cyber-terrorist.” Yet the Canadian government and journalists choose to work with him to target freedom protesters, to shut down their finances, expose their private information and bully them with threats and violence. One person who gave 500 dollars to the Freedom Convoy has had all his accounts frozen!

Recently, Sky News Australia reported that the Obama administration was responsible for spying in America on President Trump. This story is much larger and more scandalous than what was previously reported. If they are willing to do that to a president ... they will spy on you and me as well.

We need to make sure that America does not sink to the level of tyranny we are seeing in Canada. We need to flood the offices of federal and state legislators and leaders to demand that these mandates be stopped in America right here and now! We have had enough. Fax Congress and other key leaders demanding freedom from mandates and surveillance.

There is hope!

LC Action is helping fight these mandates in the courts all across America. We are providing critical support and organizational assistance on multiple lawsuits right now, including in Maine, New York and Illinois and in a nationwide lawsuit against Joe Biden on behalf of our military, federal employees and federal civilian contractors.

The U.K. and even D.C. are backing down from some of their Vaccine Passport requirements. In addition, a peaceful People’s Convoy started today in California.

We can win this fight, but now is a critical moment for Americans to demand freedom.

We are seeing frequent victories where we draw a red line. Vanderbilt had punished a woman for her faith by removing her from their organ transplant list when she declined the shot for religious reasons. After much pushback, Vanderbilt reversed and reinstated this woman to the transplant list.

We have helped tens of thousands of people get religious exemptions. But the tragedy is that some have already lost their jobs or will lose them if we don’t prevail. Don’t think the fight is over by any means.


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Mat Staver, Chairman
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