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23,000 Americans Trapped in Ukraine

Feb 28, 2022

Joe Biden has abandoned an estimated 23,000 Americans who are still in Ukraine! Russia is launching missiles from the air and ground, planting land mines on the beach, marching soldiers into Kiev and driving tanks over civilian cars … with at least one person still inside!

Meanwhile, our State Department directed that Americans “must present” proof of COVID shots if they want to leave Ukraine!

Right now, we are seeing a redo of Afghanistan where Americans are knowingly left behind, but this time it’s because of their vaccination status.

The State Department needs to hear an urgent message from you right now! Stop holding Americans hostage over a Vaccine Passport in this bloody war zone!

I need as many people as possible to send urgent faxes to the State Department and key leaders of Congress to IMMEDIATELY REVERSE DEMANDS FOR THESE “VACCINE PASSPORTS” NOW! —Mat

Russia has officially invaded eastern Ukraine. Russian forces are targeting markets, schools and apartment buildings. One missile passed a school playground and opened a hole in a wall at a kindergarten where children were present. Bricks were scattered across a room along with soccer balls and hula hoops in Stanytsia Luhanska, located in eastern Ukraine.

The U.S. State Department suspended ALL consular services in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. Biden also said he will NOT send soldiers to help Americans evacuate.

Our government is doing nothing to get Americans out of a war zone. Again, American veterans have risen up to help those stranded. Brian Stern is a 26-year military vet who is helping rescue some of these people.

“We have 23 people in two vehicles. Everyone's got a different story. What we have learned is that in these situations, people don't leave when they should for all kinds of reasons. We don't really judge, and often we don't ask. We have one American woman whose father passed away yesterday. She flew to Kyiv for his funeral and woke up to missile fire, and now we're evacuating her. She lives in New Mexico.”

This group is using side streets to avoid Russians while driving to Romania. However, shockingly, the State Department tells those fleeing that “U.S. citizens must present a valid U.S. passport and proof of COVID-19 vaccination” to cross the border into Poland.

When I first warned about the push for “Vaccine Passports,” who would’ve thought it would quickly lead to Biden intentionally blocking Americans from evacuating out of a potential war zone?

This is unconscionable!

We must help these desperate people. We will not abandon them. Help us reverse this policy with your faxes to State Department leaders and members of Congress to fight this mandate.

If an American flew from here to Poland, they could enter, test and quarantine for seven days. In fact, Poland recognizes natural immunity and bypasses quarantine if a person has had COVID within six months. In that case, Poland only requires a negative test within 24 hours for entry.

However, if this same American were fleeing bombs and bullets in Ukraine—the State Department would demand a Vaccine Passport to enter Poland!

This is outrageous! And it exposes that this demand is not coming from the Polish government but straight from Biden’s State Department.

The State Department admits that the conflict in Donetsk and Luhansk “has resulted in more than 14,000 deaths. Individuals, including U.S. citizens, have been threatened, detained, or kidnapped for hours or days after being stopped at checkpoints controlled by Russia-led forces.”

In the same announcement, the State Department wrote, “U.S. citizens seeking emergency assistance in Ukraine should complete this online form” and then wait for the State Department to respond … while they hope that the internet is still up for them to receive any message back.

Americans in Ukraine have almost no one to advocate for them.

I will not sit by and watch Biden’s State Department abandon Americans. There is a small window to rescue them.

Here are four ways you can help Americans stuck in Ukraine right now:

1) Send your urgent faxes to the State Department and other key leaders and members of Congress.

2) Sign our petition to be delivered to the State Department and key members of Congress.

3) Donate to help expose this threat and deliver a strong message from our Capitol Hill staff to the State Department. Right now, the impact of your gift will be DOUBLED with our 2022 Challenge Grant.

4) Spread the word by forwarding this information or share this on social media and ask others to sign this petition immediately.

The Biden administration has NO authority to force Vaccine Passports and mandates on American citizens trying to flee the attacks in Ukraine. It is unthinkable for Biden’s State Department to completely discard the religious freedom of these people and demand higher standards for those fleeing than what is required of regular travelers.

Help us defend freedom for Americans looking to escape a potential war zone. Give now and DOUBLE the impact of your gift through our Challenge Grant.

Thank you for your help!

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. You can also sign a petition by selecting here.


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