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Abortion Bill Clock Begins Today

May 9, 2022

In 48 hours, the U.S. Senate will vote on the first of a group of radical pro-abortion bills. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced he will push every senator to cast a vote on this bill to force abortion on all 50 states and override ALL restrictions at the state level.

We expect this could be a two-part vote, the first for an abortion bill, and when that is filibustered, Sen. Schumer will push a second vote to eliminate the filibuster rule to bypass the 60 votes usually needed to pass a bill in the Senate. This “nuclear option” only needs 51 votes to eliminate the filibuster. I share below who we believe are the key votes to stop this major change.

We cannot have waited 50 years to overturn Roe v. Wade only to have this evil continue because of two Senate votes! This is urgent. Rush your faxes to the U.S. Senate to say NO to abortion. —Mat

Capitol Hill is abuzz. In the Senate, there are two pro-abortion Republicans (Collins and Murkowski), two pro-life Democrats (Manchin and Casey Jr.), and Kamala Harris to break any tie. An abortion bill that already passed the House is waiting in the Senate. With Rule XIV, Sen. Schumer can force this bill to the floor for a full vote.

Schumer warned of the following, “First, it is our intention for the Senate to hold a vote on legislation to codify the right to abortion in law. Second, a vote on this legislation is no longer an abstract exercise. This is as urgent and as real as it gets.” He’s right.

Schumer obviously fears his party will lose control of Congress, and thus he is urgently pushing to pass an abortion bill before the midterm elections.

Sen. Schumer’s abortion bill will result in the continued slaughter of millions of babies across the nation. Abortion not only ends a human life; it also hurts women and men. Send your critical faxes to members of the U.S. Senate to block this abortion bill.

There are two pro-abortion Republican Senators, Lisa Murkowski (AK) and Susan Collins (ME), who are whining about how they thought the Supreme Court would continue Roe v. Wade. We do not know what will happen when they are forced to vote on this bill, as Schumer just promised.

Sen. Murkowski told CBS the leaked ruling “creates a growing need for the Senate to pass the ‘Women's Health Protection Act,’” which is the abortion bill. In addition, Sen. Collins stated she supported Kavanaugh's nomination to the Court because she “believed he would uphold Roe v. Wade.”

The comments of these senators is concerning. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) is the third senator we are watching. She supports abortion but does not want to do away with the filibuster. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) opposes abortion but does not want to eliminate the filibuster. And then there’s Sen. Bob Casey Jr. (D-PA) who says he is pro-life but wants to abolish the filibuster. We need to hold votes on the filibuster and stop the abortion bill.

Our staff can attest to the loud protests happening on Capitol Hill this past week. In addition, the abortion lobby has hundreds of millions of dollars to wage this fight—and in a midterm election year. EMILY’s List held a banquet in D.C. on Tuesday night. In 2016, this pro-abortion group gave over 60 million dollars to pro-abortion Democrat candidates.

The senators are facing an angry, violent mob with nearly unlimited cash pushing them to pass this bill. They urgently need to hear from you in the next 48 hours! Send your urgent faxes to members of the U.S. Senate to block this bloody bill from passing.

There is yet more that concerns me. Senator Casey Jr. (D-PA), who says he’s “pro-life,” voted to start debate on a pro-abortion bill, so he has shown a willingness to compromise his pro-life stance to his party’s wishes. In addition, he showed support for doing away with the filibuster.

Right now, there are enough weak senators, or senators with cross-purposes, who can be swayed by an outpouring of voters before they make their final decision—especially in light of the upcoming midterms.

I would give anything to restore the voices of the more than 60 million children who were killed by abortion. But they can’t send a fax or call their legislators. They have been permanently silenced. Now we can speak for them. Now we must speak for them.

Our senators need to hear from you, demanding our nation close this bloody chapter of our federal government forcing states to offer abortions. It is up to you and me to speak up for the children. There are millions more Americans whose future lives are at stake.

Make your voice heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill today. Help protect the children by sending your faxes to demand the U.S. Senate block this abortion bill.

LC Action’s staff is working late nights and early mornings to keep you updated with the fast-paced events happening in Washington, D.C. We want to make sure you have a powerful way to make your voice heard.

Every day there are new attacks and opportunities to fight for life, freedom and the family. My whole staff knows the lives of children are at stake right now. We hope you will join us by DOUBLING THE IMPACT of your gift through our Challenge Grant and help our mission by signing up for recurring monthly donations to help end this bloody chapter of abortion now.

We cannot give up on preborn and future Americans. Their lives depend on our actions now.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action on May 9, 2022

P.S. You can also sign a petition to demand the Senate block these abortion bills.


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