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Block UN Takeover of America's Public Health

May 21, 2022

Tomorrow, the event starts where Joe Biden plans to cede U.S. sovereignty over our health affairs to the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO). If he is successful, WHO will be able to impose its rules—including shutdown orders, border closures and Vaccine Passports … at will.

Demand that Congress STOP Biden’s attempt to put America under the U.N.’s one-world governance. There is no time to waste! —Mat

In January, the Biden administration quietly submitted to the United Nations’ World Health Organization a series of amendments that would change its “International Health Regulations” (IHR).

Biden’s proposed amendments would cede American sovereignty, as well as the sovereignty of all the other 193 member states, to WHO. This would place the health decisions of 99.94% of the world’s population under the control of an unelected, unaccountable foreign governing body.

These amendments have little to do with health and safety, and everything to do with CONTROL.

Do not let Joe Biden put America under the U.N.’s One-World Government! Congress must demand that Biden withdraw all WHO amendments!

Under these amendments, WHO could declare a “shutdown” ordering everyone to stay in their houses. WHO could declare which businesses are “essential.” I can say with complete confidence that churches will not be on WHO’s list.

WHO would have authority to close our borders and impose Vaccine Passports. In March 2022, WHO began pushing international Vaccine Passports. Immediately, two continents complied.

WHO could dictate whether a doctor may prescribe or a pharmacy dispense ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. WHO could fine individual violators, including the United States, for noncompliance.

George W. Bush adopted and agreed to live under WHO’s regulations back in 2005. Donald Trump began the process to pull America out of WHO. Biden reversed Trump. Now Biden’s proposed changes will cede sovereignty to WHO.

WHO will meet starting tomorrow, May 22, through May 28 to vote on Biden’s amendments. If just 40 other countries agree, the U.S. will be bound to comply.

We must now call on Congress to DEMAND it take an immediate stand against Biden’s attempts to put Americans under the thumb of WHO.

If you thought the COVID shutdowns and mandates by our own federal and state governments were bad, imagine what WHO could do to us!

And you and every other American citizen would not be able to take them to court in the U.S. nor in the international court ... because Biden wants this power to rest with a foreign body (WHO), which is immune from ANY lawsuits!

Tell the legislators to do everything in their power to stop Biden from ceding authority to WHO. This is an “all hands on deck” moment. Please forward this email to all of your conservative friends as well!

Then send an urgent fax to Congress to demand they do everything in their power to stop this!

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Mat Staver, Chairman

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