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Vote Count Getting Very Close

Aug 2, 2022

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) announced she—supposedly—has 10 Republicans who are willing to join Democrats to vote for the destructive HR 8404. This bill has NO religious exemptions. But your strong voice can change these senators’ minds before it’s too late!

I’ll explain below how this is not over yet!

If we let them, they will pass a bill with zero religious exemptions forcing people of faith and others to give privileges to same-sex, pedophile and any other type of perverted “marriage.” I’ll explain below how this is SO MUCH BIGGER than just an attack on marriage.

It is urgent to send as many faxes as possible to fight this oxymoronic bill called the “Respect for Marriage Act.” There is no time to waste. Rush your urgent faxes to the Senate to block this attack on our nation, on our freedom and on marriage. — Mat

We are engaged in a significant battle for the nation, and YOU are under attack! In a recent speech, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said:

Religious liberty is under attack in many places because it is dangerous to those who want to hold complete power.” He continued, “It is hard to convince people that religious liberty is worth defending … The challenge for those who want to protect religious liberty in the United States, Europe, and other similar places is to convince people who are not religious that religious liberty is worth special protection. That will not be easy to do.”

It is very concerning to see the growing hostility to religion and the number of people who either don’t think religion is important, reject it outright or think it is harmful and must be stamped out!

What is happening on Capitol Hill right now is that radicals are essentially creating a religious litmus test with HR 8404 that will block any person of faith from holding an elected position or working a government job!

And a handful of Republicans are going along with it! But like some Republicans in the House who now regret their votes, you can still change their minds.

We are concerned about the following Republican senators: Blunt, Burr, Capito, Fisher, Moran, Ernst, Graham and Grassley. Our staff is reaching out to them this week, but we need to combine our in-person meetings with your voice, faxes and petitions. Already, Susan Collins and Rob Portman have co-sponsored this bill. Mitt Romney, Ron Johnson and Thom Tillis are publicly supporting this bill as well!

Republicans are seething right now at Joe Manchin and the Democrats for deceiving them over a budget bill. Even Susan Collins is now saying this recent move could doom the Respect for Marriage Act. The timing is critical to move votes away from HR 8404.

We need to contact as many senators as possible and urge them to oppose HR 8404! STOP HR 8404 with your urgent faxes to the Senate.

We need to make every senator realize the havoc this bill will create.

First, when the marriage ruling, Obergefell, is overruled, HR 8404 will continue same-sex marriage in all 50 states and will force people of faith out of elected offices and government positions.

Second, HR 8404 goes far beyond same-sex marriage because it empowers one state or territory to set national marriage policy—including underage marriages, incestuous marriage (father-daughter, mother-son or even father-son—at any age) and more.

Third, while it currently applies to “a marriage between 2 individuals,” the bill would open the door to polygamy and polyamory by simply striking “2” before or after the bill is passed. In addition, it has no requirement to verify that someone getting married is not already married.

This could allow one state to allow one person to enter more than one marriage between two people at the same time, thus authorizing polygamy.

I believe if they truly had this number of votes—they would have passed this bill already. I think they might be testing the water, and they are certainly testing you to see how you will react while they pressure Republicans to move forward. These legislators are in an echo chamber on Capitol Hill, and they need to hear from you.

As you may have heard, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) recently caved to pressure from his party to support a massive tax increase that will lavish your money on wasteful climate spending. This last-minute change of mind has ticked off a lot of the Republican leadership. This is why Sen. Collins (R-ME) warned that this sleight of hand could doom cooperation on HR 8404, saying “the timing could not have been worse.”

Now we have an opportune time to stop HR 8404, but we must act quickly and with a massive response. The senators must hear from you. STOP HR 8404 with your urgent faxes to the Senate.

Now that this bill is in the Senate, we are anticipating Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will try several strategies to get this on Joe Biden’s desk. Schumer said, “This legislation is so important. I’m working with Senator Baldwin, one of our Senate leaders on this bill, to get the necessary Republican support to pass it in the Senate.”

Every minute of every day we need one person on the floor to object to a voice vote. This will force a full vote.

The Senate vote on this bill will be very close. We need every senator we can get to stop this bill. YOU can make the difference. Without you, NONE of our work is possible. Thanks to generous supporters, our Challenge Grant will effectively DOUBLE YOUR DONATION. PLEASE, be a part of the blessing today by selecting here or the button below.

As always, I appreciate your prayers for our nation and for our team!

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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Then FAX THE SENATE NOW—SAY NO TO HR 8404! Prefer a petition instead of a fax? Select here.


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