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This Is Worse Than We Thought

Aug 9, 2022

California law allows adults to marry children. If HR 8404 (S 4556), misnamed the “Respect for Marriage Act,” passes in the U.S. Senate, every state will be forced to accept the marriage of “minor attracted persons” (the new euphemism for pedophiles).

Today, I will tell you about one of California’s child bride victims, and what you can do right now to stop the vile madness seeking to victimize and destroy our children.

Our team has been shocked by what we’ve learned. It is heartbreaking to see what has been happening in some states involving child bride marriages. We know it’s not what you think because what we’ve discovered is not what we once thought either. It’s not just a 16-year-old girl getting pregnant by a 17-year-old boy with the parents consenting to their marriage. No, it’s far worse and quite extensive in states that allow child bride marriages. Now we must educate the senators before it's too late! — Mat

Fax the Senate and DEMAND they take a stand against perversion! Tell them to VOTE NO on HR 8404! They must hear from you!

Dawn was just 13 years old when she was forced to marry a 32-year-old pedophile. This did not happen in some remote Third World country. No, this happened in California.

Dawn’s father and stepmother moved to Texas to start a new business. They left their young daughter in the care of a “family friend” so she could finish sixth grade in California. But the family friend turned out to be a pedophile who repeatedly raped and eventually impregnated Dawn.

Fearful of punishment for leaving their daughter with a child rapist, Dawn’s father forced her to marry the 32-year-old man who had repeatedly molested her. If HR 8404 passes, then California can dictate the marriage policy for every state and territory.

In fact, under the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act,” one “state, territory, or possession” of the United States can dictate the marriage policy for the entire nation. And who knows what a “possession” includes? Is a military base in a foreign country or an embassy a possession? This reference is very odd. At any rate, a “possession” will be authorized to force its marriage policy everywhere.

“What’s a young girl to do?” asks Dawn, now an adult. “You’re not going to push back and stand up for yourself. These are your parents. You’re going to do what they say is best for you.”

In California, adults may marry a child if they have permission from the child’s parents. We all know that California is crazy, but the problem is that California’s crazy keeps infecting the rest of the country.

And if HR 8404 passes, EVERY “state, territory and possession” will be forced to honor California’s pedophile-promoting child bride laws, effectively making child sexual abuse legal in every state in America.

HR 8404 will force EVERY state to bow, not just to federal mandates on marriage, but to California’s “marriage” mandates as well—even the mandates that allow pedophiles to marry children like Dawn.

Don’t let California’s craziness infect all of America. Tell the Senate to Vote NO on HR 8404!

By the time Dawn was 15, she had already birthed two children to her molester and was forced to drop out of school. She tried to divorce her husband at age 16, but the judge refused to give her custody of her children until she was 18 because that is when she would be considered a legal adult. As a result, Dawn’s children remained with the pedophile who abused her for so many years.

PTSD from years of abuse sent Dawn into a spiral of substance abuse and homelessness. Though decades have passed, she continues to suffer from severe anxiety disorder because of her years-long trauma at the hands of the pedophile her father forced her to marry.

Dawn has reunited with her children, and now spends her time advocating for others, working and praying to end the abuse she was forced to endure. “The fix-all is to end (marriage under age 18),” she says. “No child should be getting married, period.”

And no federal law should ever attempt to codify perversion and child sexual abuse into law. But that is exactly what will happen if HR 8404 passes.

Liberty Counsel Action is working to protect girls like Dawn by fighting the oxymoronically named “Respect for Marriage Act” that destroys the meaning of marriage just as it forces California’s “child bride” laws onto the rest of the country.

Sadly, this bill already passed the House (HR 8404), and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is speeding this sick measure for a vote!

Help us stop this madness and protect children NOW. Please fax the Senate, and tell them NO CHILD BRIDES! VOTE NO on HR 8404!

BIG NEWS on the COVID Shot Mandates: The nation’s first class action settlement of more than 10.3 million dollars was submitted to a federal court in Illinois against NorthShore University HealthSystem on behalf of more than 500 current and former workers. We provided research assistance in that case. This class action settlement is a wake-up call to all employers that refused to accommodate employees who refuse the COVID jabs.

And last Thursday a federal judge granted an emergency injunction for a U.S. Marine who was to be discharged on Friday after his religious accommodation request was denied. He was given just 48-hours notice. This Marine, his wife and child would have been homeless. We are continuing to provide assistance in this case. Another hearing is set for tomorrow.

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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