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No Man Left Behind

Aug 23, 2022

After my team helped secure a massive victory requiring religious exemptions to COVID shots in the U.S. Marine Corps, there are still some military leaders who continue to defy this judge’s ruling.

This hard-fought victory began in September 2021; however, men and women are still being pressured and abused by Joe Biden’s Department of Defense (DOD) desperate to purge the military of people of faith.

A Marine training school that normally lasts six months (The Basic School: Basic Officer Course) is keeping “unvaccinated” officer candidates there for 14 months and counting—with no hope of advancement. They carry Gatorade and hand out MREs to vaccinated officer candidates.

These people of faith have become serfs of the leadership who claim they can’t progress because they can’t be in close contact with others, yet this same leadership places them in close contact by assigning them to urban hand-to-hand combat training, contact shooting training with up to 50 people per day, co-driving and prisoner of war “capture and immobilization” training.

The “unvaccinated” are even marked as the “Opposing Force” with blanks shot at them by the vaccinated officer candidates who are progressing through the training and taking the leadership positions these men and women should have had.

This is infuriating! I’ll share even more below.

We will not, we cannot, abandon them. The Marine motto is, “Until they are home, no man left behind.” We will leave no one behind in this fight! — Mat

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On September 22, 2021, a second lieutenant applied for religious accommodation (RA) to the COVID shots. On September 24, he was removed from training and placed in a special unit, “Company M.”

But he is not alone.

“Without fail, almost as soon as each lieutenant submitted an RA request, we were pulled from training, and forced to serve in “Company M,” in what, in effect, has become a penal company, facilitating the training of our fellow officers, interacting daily in close quarters with them with no special precautions, yet with no hope of career advancement.” (emphasis added)

On one base, we are helping 22 lieutenants who are in “Company M.” Together they have logged 5,000 hours of close contact with other Marines during training … but they have nothing to show for it!

This has zero to do with health. It has everything to do with control and abuse to purge the military of Christians and people of faith.

Every day that passes is one more wasted day that is lost. My team is sending demands to military leadership to right this horrible wrong.

While my organization, Liberty Counsel, takes the lead on litigation, Liberty Counsel Action takes the lead on researching current policies and events, known “vaccine” reactions, analyzing the medical data and compiling information critical to winning these religious freedom cases. We have a powerful 1-2 punch combination and together our efforts are much stronger. But we cannot keep fighting these battles without your support.

Will you help us right now by rushing a donation so my staff will have the resources necessary to end this religious discrimination?

This antireligious leadership was not content to harm the futures of these Marines; it is also harming them right now.

These lieutenants say they are facing intentional shunning and being “blackballed” by their superiors. They face an endless, hopeless future of menial jobs, while being embarrassed in front of their peers. They are forced to make coffee and arrange snacks for leadership and peers, but they cannot progress in their training.

Because of the persecution they are under, others do not want to associate with these young men and women of faith. Others do not want to build close relationships with the “unvaccinated” and risk getting placed with them in the punishment of “Company M.”

This needs to change and it needs to change RIGHT NOW! The data increasingly shows that the shots are not effective. We have helped thousands of people with exemptions. But we need your help as we never charge anyone but rely 100% on the donations of people like you to meet these needs.

Our staff is working many hours to help service members who are facing deadlines. Help us help them with your support: DOUBLE your gift to LCA today to help stop this injustice.

In addition, many state and national leaders have the ability to establish policies that will help or harm many people. The situation is similar to what's happening in schools, companies and organizations.

In our team’s victory last week, the judge said, “Obviously, RFRA [Religious Freedom Restoration Act] includes everyone from the President to a park ranger, from the Chief Justice of the United States to a probation officer, from the Speaker of the House to a member’s district office staffer, from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to a military recruiter — even if they don’t like it and even if they don’t agree with it. The Free Exercise Clause and RFRA are the law of the land.”

Make your voice heard directly by urging them to support freedom in every way possible with your critical faxes now.

Thank you!

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Send a fax to key leaders to say NO MANDATORY COVID SHOTS OR VACCINE PASSPORTS. And then sign our petition to be delivered at critical moments in this fight against mandatory vaccinations.


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