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2 Men, 2 Different Results

Aug 24, 2022

This month, there were two Christian Marines and their young families who were notified that they would be kicked out of the Marine Corps and military housing in just 48 hours. One Marine called my team, the other did not.

Now one of these families remains employed and in base housing while the other is jobless and homeless. Read on to learn what happened and why our work is so important.

We worked hard to obtain classwide protection for every Marine who refuses the jab for religious reasons. But now that we have that in hand, our work is still far from over. First of all, people who were already forced out of the Marines are not protected nor reinstated by this recent order. Secondly, there are two branches still without any religious accommodation (the Army and the Coast Guard). And we need to make sure the Marines obey the judge’s order.

Help our team fight for religious freedom, not only for every member of our brave U.S. military but also for every American.

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Jeff* and Zachariah* are both devout Christians serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. These Marines believe in duty to God, family and country.

When Joe Biden’s COVID shot mandates for the military were announced, both men investigated the shots and had serious concerns about the experimental mRNA biological agent.

And they discovered that every one of the COVID jabs was developed and/or tested on aborted fetal cell lines. The Bible is clear that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and it shall not be defiled. Neither man would desecrate his body with the COVID shots.

Both men dutifully submitted religious exemption requests to the shots. The Marines acknowledged that their religious beliefs were sincere. But like every other request made by thousands of Marines, they were denied.

The mere filing of the religious accommodation request set in motion what the Marines call being “blackballed.” This ostracization was followed by months of silence from the brass—until August 3, when they were given just 48 hours to leave the Marines.

Jeff and Zachariah had been effectively put to work as serfs for their fellow Marines. The men had their duties stripped down so that their daily service was one of carrying coolers, doing grunt work and issuing weapons with the associated paperwork.

Because of their “unvaccinated” status, the men were refused all regular work, training or opportunities for advancement—a career killer. One had received notice of advancement to the rank of captain, but this was revoked when he filed a religious accommodation request. This abuse went on for seven long months without a word about their status.

Until even that ended. On August 3, their base command informed both men they would be kicked out of the Marine Corps on August 5. They, along with their wives and small children, would be out in just 48 hours. The wife of one Marine is 3 1/2 months pregnant with no insurance.

Worse yet, normally when an armed forces member leaves the military, the military pays to move the member and his family back to their home of record. But Joe Biden’s Department of Defense (DOD) has changed the rules for Christians who dare ask for permission to exercise their religious freedoms. The DOD is making those service members pay their own way—and with as little notice as possible, to make yet another example of those who dare demand their legal rights.

Thankfully, Zachariah reached out to my team regarding our massive lawsuit against the Biden administration’s military shot mandates.

Within just two hours of our pleading to the court filed on August 4, Judge Steven Merryday issued a temporary restraining order preventing the military from firing or evicting Zachariah and his family.

Unfortunately, Jeff did not know about our work here at Liberty Counsel. As of August 12, Jeff was no longer a Marine, and the family was forced to move home with his parents ... this incredible sacrifice because he refused to reject his faith.

When we learned of Jeff’s situation, we had him testify in court this month. His compelling testimony helped us drive home the point that the court must issue a classwide injunction protecting every service member.

I believe these two men had a powerful impact on this victory for classwide relief, but it falls short of directing the military to reinstate Jeff and continue his military career.

The different outcomes for these two Marines exemplify the need for us to continue fighting, even after the class action certification. As long as there is injustice, for people like Jeff, we are committed to fighting to restore those freedoms for every Marine and ex-Marine and every military service member, not just the ones who have found out about my team’s work.

The biggest difference between Jeff and Zachariah is YOU. Without YOU, the faithful Liberty Counsel Action supporter, Zachariah would not have had the free policy advice and services he needed to fight Joe Biden’s government gone mad. Like Jeff, Zachariah and his family would be jobless and homeless if it were not for YOUR resolve to keep religious freedom FREE by supporting our ministry.

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Thank you!

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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*Names changed for privacy.


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