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Sewage for Sailors

Aug 25, 2022

Josh* is a commanding officer in the Navy with more than 22 years of experience, including Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a captain and a pilot. He’s served as a mission leader on three different types of aircraft. He consistently received the highest ratings in both physical readiness and fitness ... until something horrible happened.

Unfortunately, hard-fought court victories are not enough to stop these antireligious, power-hungry military brass. They are even locking up people of faith and using sewage to push them over the edge! This is mental torture unbecoming of our own military!

We will not rest until these rough commanders comply with the law.

Will you help be a part of a solution?

Your support will assist with the research and action necessary to END this shocking abuse against our own military members of faith and DOUBLE the impact of your gift today through our Challenge Grant. — Mat

Even though Josh’s superiors mandating the COVID shots knew they were illegally pushing an experimental drug under Emergency Use Authorization, they gave him an ultimatum of just five days to get the jab or be relieved of command and separated from the military.

On October 14, 2021, Josh took the J&J shot to keep his career and his family’s only source of income … but now he deeply regrets that decision.

At 1:30 a.m. on October 15, Josh woke up feeling sick. That continued until October 18, when he suffered symptoms like a heart attack and went to the local emergency room where he was admitted for four days.

Initial tests showed this previously perfectly healthy and extremely active service member was now suffering thrombosis (blood clotting), along with plummeting white and red blood cells and platelets. His spleen was suddenly enlarged. He was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that will require him to take shots for the rest of his life. His lymph nodes are now swollen to the point of causing pain, and he is unable to exercise at all. As soon as he finishes work, he is exhausted. He has no energy and usually must just lay down and rest.

This is heartbreaking for Josh and for his family—especially since he had easily recovered from COVID and already had natural immunity! But the Navy would not recognize that medical truth.

In fact, my team uncovered the data that there were MORE deaths in the military from the COVID shots than from COVID itself!

We have seen a consistent disregard for our nation’s laws stemming from military superiors who were mandating experimental drugs even when it is illegal to do so. We must end these mandates and demand that the military respect the rule of law and the courts.

The abuse of our service members presents a national security issue. Right when Iran is reportedly nuclear capable, Russia’s war machine continues, and China is rattling its sabers—America is gutting our military of leaders, people of faith, and men and women of conviction.

You can be a critical part of changing a potentially devastating future to one bright with hope by standing in the gap and demanding religious freedom be restored to our military now.

I encourage you to set up a monthly recurring donation to build our efforts for today and for the challenges to come, or give your best possible donation now to ensure that we have the resources necessary to win these critical battles.

What is happening now in the Navy is sickening. Sailors who submitted a religious accommodation request (RAR) are living under mental torture.

“Unvaccinated” people of faith are being locked up in a ship below deck and forced to live and sleep in a moldy, sewage-filled berth. The toilets are backed up with feces, and worms are growing inside the bowls.

“Because I could not leave the area, I moved onto the berthing barge for the Eisenhower. The conditions on the barge are deplorable, much like the USS George Washington, which is anchored in the same shipyard. There is mold everywhere and the barge’s toilets back up and leak. The water leaks out of the base of the toilet and collects near my rack and out into the hall. On bad days, it goes into the berthings on the other side. The leaks seem to be sewage—it smells like sewage and looks like it too.” Even the showers have what appears to be sewage in the base.

These sailors are being punished for their faith to a level of human denigration that we would not tolerate for the worst criminals. And they are perpetually stuck in this area because they dared to request a RAR.

A judge ordered the Navy to not deny religious accommodations, but neither will the Navy grant them. When these sailors request leave, it is denied. The military is also denying their request to separate. This is a living hell, and the Navy won’t let them out.

“To date, I am still unable to separate. My work environment feels extremely toxic over the vaccine issue,” one sailor shared.

“Needless to say, I do not feel comfortable or safe in this environment and I have contacted mental health services multiple times," another said.

"I do want—desperately—to be separated from the Navy as soon as possible, but I struggle with withdrawing my request as I feel it could signal that my religious objection was somehow not genuine, and it is. It feels wrong to have to renounce my beliefs in order to get the Navy to separate me."

These sailors are about to lose hope. We need to act fast to get relief for ALL of the people of faith in the military. This is very widespread, even beyond the Navy, which I’ll share more about tomorrow. These men and women are sacrificing so much for their faith. Your donation helps us support these brave heroes. They urgently need our help.

Whether assisting our military heroes against Joe Biden or helping to win a settlement for health care workers, all while fighting on Capitol Hill to block the radical policy agenda—our staff is passionate about fighting for freedom. Add your voice to these with critical faxes to the key leaders who could vote at any moment to reverse these mandates.

Then please say a prayer for those who need our help and for our staff to have wisdom and grace in these challenging times.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S.  We need your help to help those pleading for assistance. If you haven’t already, send urgent faxes to key leaders today and sign the petition to demand religious freedom.

*Name changed to protect privacy.


Laco, Kelly. “Unvaxxed Navy sailors face 'deplorable' living conditions while religious exemptions pend.” Fox News, August 24, 2022.