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This Will Normalize Pedophilia

Sep 8, 2022

Pedophilia is becoming increasingly “normalized” in our culture. A Hollywood sketch called “Through a Pedophile’s Eyes,” was “intended to be comedic,” however, it included a 7-year-old boy naked in a bathtub ...

This came to light in a lawsuit that went public this week. After filming, the boy called his mom “crying, saying he did not want to film anymore,” according to the suit.

What is shocking is that this lawsuit alleges the L.A. police knew about this in January 2020 … and did nothing.

But what concerns me even more is that the “Respect for Marriage Act” (HR 8404) will expand “child bride” marriage in which pedophiles abuse kids and use a marriage license to abuse them continuously without any fear of the law. This is already happening.

It is shocking and angering that 47 Republicans supported HR 8404 in the U.S. House, and at least four Republicans are supporting it in the Senate. Many members of the House already regret their votes now that they realized what they did. I need your help to hold senators accountable and hold the line. Rush urgent faxes to the Senate against HR 8404. The Senate is our one and only chance to stop this bill. — Mat

Republican Senators Joni Ernst (IA), Mike Rounds (SD) and Shelley Moore Capito (WV) told reporters recently that they have not yet read this bill, which is less than four pages and listed as one of the Democrats’ top priorities this month.

Senators are using this as an excuse so they don’t have to share their opinion on HR 8404. It also gives them cover to change their mind, in part based on what pressures they are under at that moment.

This is why it is critical to continually urge them to vote against this bill!

The aspect of homosexual pedophilia in HR 8404 is not an accidental, unintended consequence. It is by design. This is why I encourage you to rush faxes to as many senators as possible right now to urge them to do everything in their power to block this bill!

Here is what the bill does—which members of Congress should know:

  • Makes same-sex marriage a federal law.

  • Forces government employees to comply and does not provide any conscious or religious exemption.

  • Does not provide religious exemption for anyone or any entity.

  • Removes state sovereignty respecting marriage and requires states to recognize another state’s marriage law even if it is contrary to the state’s own law.

  • Requires a state to give legal recognition to another state’s marriage laws, and this is not limited to same-sex marriage.

  • This portion of the bill will expand child bride marriages, where a state like California has no age limit.

  • Combined with same-sex marriage, child bride marriages—between a much older man and a young girl—will include male-male and female-female child marriages.

  • HR 8404 does not expressly prevent one person with a spouse in two states from requiring a third state to give legal recognition to both.

To understand how far-reaching HR 8404 is, you need to consider the laws of the various states. Only a handful of states do not have age limits, and California is one such state without an age limit, which permits marriage for any age. It is well known that the states without an age limit have fostered child bride marriages, and the stories are horrible.

This aspect of HR 8404 upsets the typical state sovereignty over marriage and thus allows one state to force other states to give legal recognition to its laws. There is no limiting provision regarding this aspect of the bill, so it goes far beyond same-sex “marriage.”

Florida was one such state that had no age requirement, but that law has been fixed, thanks to a woman who escaped her own child bride marriage upon reaching adulthood. Under HR 8404, however, the Florida law would be overridden by the California law.

In addition, polygamy in Utah has been lowered to the level of a traffic fine, and thus the consequences are virtually nothing.

Once you establish a federal policy that gender is irrelevant to marriage, the consequences will extend the LGTBQ agenda and make gender irrelevant for other matters (such as pronouns, transgenders, etc.) as well.

This vote in the Senate will be too close for the evil it will unleash on our nation. STOP this bill from becoming law. I'm asking you to act now by faxing the Senate to oppose this outrageous bill and protect innocent children.

HR 8404 will unleash a destructive wave that will be used to abolish the objective reality of two sexes, undermine marriage and harm children. This bill MUST be stopped.

We cannot sacrifice our children and grandchildren to this evil agenda. Yet that is exactly what HR 8404 will do. It will put children at risk.

We are providing critical information to members of Congress to stop HR 8404. Our meetings and your faxes have already made a difference. But the vote will be very close. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is pushing for a vote THIS MONTH.

In addition to sending faxes and signing our petition, you can join our Challenge Grant to DOUBLE the impact of your gift right now.

Finally, please join me in resolute prayer for America's future.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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