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"For One Night, I Am a Mother"

Oct 10, 2022

The depravity of abortion advocates never ceases to shock and horrify me. One woman, killed her own child and then became the president of a New York abortion clinic. She admitted under oath and in her memoir shocking words. But she also made another admission that is eye-opening.

Abortion is murder … and they know it. And they are willing to continue doing it and even gain power and identity by taking the life of another. They are desperately trying to stop anyone from speaking against what they are doing and they even want the law to force people and states to participate in abortions—even if they don’t want to!

And these abortion advocates are putting intense pressure on the Senate to pass a bill that will be more extreme than Roe v. Wade. This is pure evil. Our best chance at stopping these actions is in the Senate. We have very little time to block this radical legislation. Act now to send faxes to as many senators as possible and urge them to block these deadly bills and preserve the filibuster rule. —Mat

Merle Hoffman, president and CEO of Choices Women’s Medical Center in Queens, New York, was questioned under oath. She said the “act of abortion positions women at their most powerful” because abortion gives women “power—and the responsibility—of taking life” to control their own lives. Hoffman believes killing helpless children empowers women by enabling them to achieve their selfish goals.

In Hoffman’s memoir, Intimate Wars: The Life and Times of the Woman Who Brought Abortion from the Back Alley to the Boardroom, she shares the experience of her own abortion. “As we crossed the Fifty-Ninth Street Bridge, I held my stomach and said aloud, ‘Sorry little one, it’s just not time.’ My diary entry from that night reads, ‘For one night I am a mother.’”

The humanity that she recognizes, and then simply discards, is horrifying.

Hoffman states, the baby is just an “unjust aggressor, threatening the survival of the mother” and says the baby impedes “a woman’s tendency to maintain her own existence.” She asks, “Is not a woman’s choice of abortion an act of self-defense?”

This abortionist states, “I quickly came to realize that those who deliver abortion services have … the power—and the responsibility—of taking life … The act of abortion positions women at their most powerful."

This is sick and twisted! I would argue that a woman is the most powerful when shaping the next generation—not when she is killing it!

With Rule 14 in the Senate, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) can throw these abortion bills on the schedule to pass them at any time (like a different bill they tried to pass at 4 a.m.—which Sen. Ted Cruz was able to block). Every one of these abortion bills can be voted on at any moment in the Senate. There is no time to delay. Send your urgent faxes to as many U.S. senators as possible to oppose this bill.

I defended a sidewalk counselor who peacefully shared hope and help outside of Hoffman’s abortion clinic. But Hoffman came unglued. She conspired with the then-New York attorney general, Eric Schneiderman (the same man who had to resign under accusations of misconduct and abusing four women), to bring a patently frivolous lawsuit against my former client who was a mild-mannered preschool teacher.

A security guard from the abortion clinic informed Schneiderman’s office of my client’s innocence, but Schneiderman sued Scott Fitchett Jr. and 12 other people anyway. During a one-month hearing, Schneiderman could not present a single shred of evidence of any wrongdoing. The cases were simply designed to intimidate and silence pro-life voices so that Hoffman can continue to murder babies.

This exposes the levels and lengths these abortion fanatics are willing to go to push abortion as the only “choice” for women. And they are taking this dark ideology to Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, Democrats blocked a Republican House resolution that would have condemned violence by abortion activists at churches and pro-life pregnancy centers and organizations. This resolution would have asked the Biden administration to assign law enforcement necessary to bring the perpetrators of violence to justice. But Democrats couldn’t even do this! But all 50 Democrats and two Republicans are pushing to pass an extreme abortion bill.

While Sen. Schumer may not have 60 votes (yet), he only needs two more votes to abolish the filibuster to pass an abortion bill and many other perverse bills.

Refusing to condemn the violence is a clear message to these violent protesters to “carry on” with their violence! For some of these abortion extremists, violence is OK if it is directed toward people who are pro-life.

These senators are facing intense pressure. That is why they must hear from you.

We are fighting a battle of good vs. evil, life vs. death, and it is time for these innocent children to have protection. Your faxes are so critical. They penetrate through the noise and land straight on the desks of key legislators that can block all five of these shockingly radical abortion bills and urge our senators to Protect Life and End Abortion now!

LC Action can only sound the alarm and have this impact because of the support of donors like you. We accept donations of stock, annuities, bank drafts and corporate gifts. Support us with a monthly donation or a one-time gift to DOUBLE the impact of your resources today.

I want to encourage you with Hebrews 12:12-13, “Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed.”

Join me in praying to end abortion and for our nation to be healed. And then work to be a part of the answer to this prayer.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. You can also sign our petition urging our legislators to protect children.


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